Will Ted Lasso Season 3 Be The Show’s Last? Nate Actor Responds

Nick Mohammed, who stars as Nate in Ted Lasso, responds to the news that season 3 might be the last for the critically-acclaimed comedy series

Nick Mohammed, star of Ted Lasso, responds to news that season 3 will be the series’ last. The acclaimed Apple TV+ comedy series returned for season 2 last year and is currently working on producing its third season. While season 1 kept its storyline relatively light, Ted Lasso season 2 took a darker turn, exploring the mental health of its characters and tackling complex subjects like anxiety and bullying. One of the darker arc in Ted Lasso season 2 is the dramatic turn for Nate (Mohammed). Once a fan-favorite character, Nate grows resentful towards Ted throughout the season, and, in the finale, agrees to coach Richmond’s rival team West Ham, setting the stage for a thrilling season 3.


Nate’s devastating betrayal isn’t the only point of interest for Ted Lasso season 3. Despite the fact that the series is riding waves of fan praise and critical acclaim, numerous reports have stated that season 3 will be the last for the show. Star and writer Brett Goldstein even went so far as to say that Ted Lasso season 3 is being structured to function as a true ending, as per the creators’ original plans. However, Apple TV+ hasn’t officially said whether Ted Lasso is nearing its endgame.

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In a recent conversation with Discussing Film, Mohammed dissects his character’s drastic transformation and gives a glimpse at Ted Lasso season 3. During his interview, Mohammed reveals his reaction to season 3 potentially closing out the highly popular series, admitting that while he doesn’t know for sure that it is the end, he can see the appeal of concluding it now. Check out what Mohammed had to say about Ted Lasso ending below:

Oh, goodness, that’s a question and a half. I don’t know, that’s the honest answer. Not trying to be teasing, I don’t know whether it’s the end or not. I mean, they’ve been quite open about saying that they had three seasons’ worth of ideas. Even when they outlined Nate’s journey, before they even knew that they had seasons two and three commissioned, they let me know the three-season arc. Effectively, they had those three seasons mapped out for the whole show so I can see the appeal from a creative point of view of quitting while you’re ahead in telling this three-part story. But who knows, they might just take a break and then come back. It will come to an end at some point. What I would do afterward, I don’t know. It’ll be strange.

Nate in Ted Lasso season 2

Unfortunately, Mohammed cannot give fans a definite answer on whether Ted Lasso will return after season 3. This could be because the creative team is still mulling over its options, which could suggest that there might be a future for Ted Lasso after all. However, it also seems fitting to wrap up the series, considering it was originally written with just three seasons in mind. As Mohammed points out, even his character was written as having a 3-season arc. Though nothing has been definitively stated beyond Goldstein’s own comments, it won’t be surprising if Ted Lasso season 3 truly is the finish line for AFC Richmond.

Ted Lasso has two successful seasons under its belt, garnering 20 Emmy nominations and 7 wins so far, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Considering its massive popularity, it is still rather surprising the series could end after 3 seasons. Most comedy shows nowadays enjoy their success across numerous years. Still, as long as Ted Lasso season 3 has enough time to resolve all of its storylines, then it could be the perfect ending. Many are waiting to see if Nate will be redeemed following his season 2 betrayal, and that’s not even touching upon the various storylines involving characters like Keeley, Roy, and Ted himself. If Ted Lasso must end with season 3, then hopefully it will go out on a high note.

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