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‘Yellowstone’: Will Beth Dutton’s Spicy Language Get Past Censors at CBS?

The Dutton clan’s street-smart sage wields her words like weapons.

Yellowstone‘s Beth (Kelly Reilly) has the face of an English rose, brutal business acumen, a prizefighter’s roundhouse and — this part is key — a scorched-earth mouth that lays waste to anyone not tamed by the first three. Fans have gotten used to her fiery way with words on Paramount+.  But now there’s a fear that some of her spicier language may not make the cut at CBS where Season 1 has made its debut. Indeed, after the show’s broadcast premiere on Sunday, September 17,  fans were less-than-pleased that the show had been watered down. So will some of Beth’s best quotes be censored or shared on network television?

No observation is missed and not a word wasted with John Dutton’s wayward only daughter turned most ruthless soldier in his fight to keep the family ranch. So she’s often at her best when she makes her point in just a spiky sentence or two. Which zingers thrill you most might depend on what aspect of Beth’s self-described “tornado in a trailer park” persona brings you the most glee — her razor-blade tongue, her “not my first rodeo” approach to a deal, or even her tough-meets-tender heart. And though there are dozens, we think these barbs best reveal Bethany Dutton, principal and prom queen of the school of hard knocks. Do you think they’ll make the network cut? Read the lines below, and sound off in the comments section. Plus, check out the two Yellowstone special edition magazines, and other goodies available in the TV Insider General Store.

(Credit: Kevin Lynch for Paramount)

Family Matters

“If you c*m on my leather seats, you’re walking home.” — Beth explaining “my car, my rules” to power-hungry brother Jamie in Season 1, Episode 6

“You better turn around, Jamie. I’m in no mood to explain why we don’t have the same pee-pee.” — to brother Jamie before dropping her robe in Season 1, Episode 3

“Wow, that’s really deep, Jamie. You must be watching TED Talks on YouTube.” — explaining wisdom, earned versus borrowed, to Jamie in Season 1, Episode 3

“A man would have walked away.” — getting the last word, if not the last punch, in Season 1, Episode 3

“As much as it f**king astonishes me, someone will love you … and you’ll love somebody … and I cannot wait to take that from you.” — making a promise she can keep in Season 2, Episode 9

“Did you ever hear the phrase, ‘Every time something good is trying to happen, something bad tries to stop it’? I’m something bad.” — as if Jamie didn’t know it by now, in Season 4, Episode 3

Kelly Reilly in 'Yellowstone'

(Credit: ©Paramount+ / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Beth Means Business

“Where’s the fun in wrecking a single man? When I break you, I want to know I’m breaking generations.” — making a memorable first impression on Dutton enemy Dan Jenkins Season 1, Episode 3

“I’m not f**king you, I’m f**king her. And if you have a brother, I’m f**k*ing him, too. I’m chopping your family tree down.” — offering an even greater taste of “love hurts” to Jenkins in Season 1, Episode 5

“You are the trailer park. I am the tornado.” — explaining to Rourke just how much fight is left in her in Season 3, Episode 5

“When all this is over, I’m gonna hang your diploma above my toilet in my guest house.”— expressing her “admiration” to Willa in Season 3, Episode 9. Which she followed up with …“The sting never fades with me. It is a painful lesson and one you’re about to learn.”

“What f**king pescatarian told you that?” — calling out Rourke’s defense of fishing and the infliction of pain, in Season 3, Episode 5

Kelly Reilly in 'Yellowstone'

(Credit: ©Paramount Network / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Love, Beth

“It’s only the things I love that die, Rip, never me. Come to think of it, I’m surprised you’re still standing.” — offering warning meets self-assessment in Season 1, Episode 2

“I used to love guys like you in high school. Give me a troubled loser with blue eyes and I’d dry-hump a hole in his jeans.” — making a memorable first impression on Carter in Season 4, Episode 1

Kelly Reilly in 'Yellowstone'

(Credit: Danno Nell / ©Paramount Network / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Girl Talk

“‘Miss’ should only be applied to a woman younger or just reaching marrying age, which, in the era this bullsh*t became common vernacular, was around 13. And since I am clearly beyond that milestone and clearly not married, the proper term for me would be maiden — and if you call me maiden, Alfred, I’m going to stab you in the eye with this f**king fork.” — putting patronization in its place in Season 1, Episode 4

“I remember when you gave out hand jobs for lunch money, Veronica … before the boob job …and the dermabrasion … and the doctor dumb enough to marry you.” — sizing up and dressing down racist saleswoman Veronique in Season 2, Episode 9

“Actually, God gave me these for free — looks like he gave me yours too.” — explaining other natural assets to environmental activist Summer in Season 4, Episode 6

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton on 'Yellowstone'

(Credit: ©Paramount+ / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Beth and the Bottle

“Martinis have vermouth and are enjoyed with friends. I don’t like vermouth, and these aren’t my friends.” — explaining the proper use of whiskey in Season 4, Episode 1. See also ….

“It’s a ‘pour the bottle in a bucket’ kind of day.” — Season 4, Episode 3

“Nothing but coffee and cigarettes till noon, and then I can eat what the f**k I want ’til I start drinkin’ at six.” — explaining intermittent fasting, Beth Dutton style, in Season 4, Episode 6

Wit Wedding

Though it was a study in brevity, Beth and Rip’s pistol-packing wedding was a veritable buffet of Beth-isms.

“Oh, dad, the blush was f**ked out of me years ago.” — to John, after his not-so-blushing-bride observation.

“Don’t worry, dad. I won’t be wearing it long.” — on her risqué impromptu wedding dress to her disapproving dad.

“Sorry, dad, I had to kidnap him.” — explaining how she got the priest on short notice

“F*ck yes, I do!” — Beth, getting right to the point of the proceedings.

Yellowstone, Season 1, Sundays, 8/7c, CBS

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