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Watch ‘Family Feud’s Best Thanksgiving Questions (VIDEO)

Why spend your Thanksgiving embroiled in actual family feuds when you could be enjoying the game show Family Feud? In the dozen years that Steve Harvey has hosted the syndicated competition, the Family Feud writers have been “stuffing” the survey with Thanksgiving-themed questions. And contestants have certainly come with, shall we say, creative responses. From “sexy” turkeys to “dry” romantic partners, there are some of the best Family Feud questions that have made for viral-worthy moments on the show, including one from the ABC primetime spinoff Celebrity Family Feud.

Name something about a female turkey so sexy a male turkey would want to gobble her up.

Contestant Danny had a not-safe-for-daytime answer for what would make a female turkey “sexy” to a mate. (And this highlight reel also includes discussions of unconventional Thanksgiving eats, including — gulp — human heads.)

Name a kind of bird you’d hate to find out your relatives were serving for Thanksgiving dinner.

Steve Harvey could hardly proceed with his hosting duties after contestant Donald gave an off-the-wall suggestion for a bird unfit for eating at Thanksgiving. Hey, songbirds have feelings, too!

What might you put marijuana in at Thanksgiving so the family is too mellow to argue?

You’d better ask your guests before you put any sort of drug in your Thanksgiving feast! But yes, we could totally imagine stoner chefs putting pot in the pot, so to speak. When tryptophan meets THC…

In a new Thanksgiving horror movie, a psychotic turkey is on the loose and he’s _____-ing people.

Maddie Ziegler’s team had all sorts of horrific answers to what a psychotic turkey might do to people, but we have to give props to the answer that Gaten Matarazzo’s dad was almost too embarrassed to utter.

Grandma was mad at Grandpa on Thanksgiving, so she stuffed the turkey with ______.

The answers to this question aren’t all that inspiring, but contestant Jessica’s brand of “crazy” gets Steve Harvey to open up about his three marriages… and his divorce settlements!

If roles were reversed, what part of a human might turkeys fight over at Thanksgiving?

OK, but why does the answer board say “plump breast” instead of just “breast”?

Name a way you’d describe a Thanksgiving turkey and your lover.

Of course “hot” and “juicy” are among the top answers, but who cares what the survey says when Ted, Theodore, and Rachel are offering up those responses. We’re giving thanks for this clip this Thanksgiving…

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