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‘The Expanse’: 7 Reasons Why We Love (& Fear) Camina Drummer

The Expanse is packed with phenomenal characters, but there’s just something special about Drummer (Cara Gee), who, in Season 5 leads a pirate fleet. From her badass look — that eye makeup! — and no-nonsense attitude to her steely toughness, what’s not love? And,  yeah, be a little scared of? Bosmeng, indeed. (That’s “boss” in Belter Creole, for you non-Expanse experts.)

Here are 7 reasons why Drummer is not be messed with — and why why’d like to hang out with her.

She Prefers Beer to Water (Season 2)

After a workout, Drummer gives us one of her many great quotes: “We should hydrate — with some beers.”

She Has Her Team’s Back (Season 3)

'The Expanse': 7 Reasons Why We Love (& Fear) Camina Drummer

It’s no secret Ashford (David Strathairn) and Drummer weren’t pals at first; throughout Season 3 she thought he was there to undermine her authority, though he was just trying to help. But when they’re pinned between different mechanical parts of a construction crane, Drummer shifts the device so Ashford can get free despite the risk to her — and it results in Drummer breaking her back. It’s a noble moment, and the precursor to a wonderful friendship.

Pushing Through the Pain (Season 3)

'The Expanse': 7 Reasons Why We Love (& Fear) Camina Drummer

Thankfully, the injury didn’t take Drummer out of the game (actually, it just took her out one episode). With the help of some cutting-edge tech, she gets back up to fight with Naomi (Dominique Tipper)and her friends. “Tough” doesn’t begin to describe her.

Every Interaction Between Drummer & Holden (Season 3)

'The Expanse': 7 Reasons Why We Love (& Fear) Camina Drummer

Drummer’s not a fan of Holden (Steven Strait), probably because Holden’s with Naomi, and it sure seems as if Drummer has feelings for her; either that, or she thinks her friend deserves better. Regardless, Drummer’s dislike of Holden creates some pretty funny moments, like when she apologizes to him for trying to kill him, and before Holden can say “thanks,” she instructs him to “tell Naomi I said that.”

She Gives Epic Speeches (Season 3)

Faced with heading through the ring gates (and for all anyone knows, blinking out of existence), Drummer gives an inspiring speech to her crew that’s become one of The Expanse‘s best moments. “The place we go is where we belong!” We’d kind of follow her anywhere.

There’s a Big Heart Beneath the Tough Exterior (Season 3)

'The Expanse': 7 Reasons Why We Love (& Fear) Camina Drummer

Drummer’s not known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, but she clearly feels deeply for Naomi and is shaken when she leaves Medina Station to go back to the Roci. Their goodbye (and Drummer’s forlorn gaze) proves there’s more to her than layers of steel and sarcasm. Further evidence Drummer feels things: Her grief over losing Ashford, whose death she discovers in Season 6.

She Throws Shade (Season 5)

'The Expanse': 7 Reasons Why We Love (& Fear) Camina Drummer

Drummer also has no problems telling Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander) exactly what she thinks of him. Even though he can annihilate her ship and have her and her friends killed, she can’t resist needling him: “What, no throne?” she smirks as she walks onto the bridge of his ship.

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