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‘Stranger Things’ Star Natalia Dyer Dissects ‘Complicated’ Love Triangle: ‘Nancy and Steve Have Come So Far’

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers through the end of Season 4, Volume 2 of “Stranger Things,” currently streaming on Netflix.

Should Nancy be with Steve or Jonathan at the end of “Stranger Things”? That’s a question only the Duffer Brothers know the answer to.

Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, isn’t quite sure. During the final two episodes of Season 4, Steve (Joe Keery) thanks her for giving him a “wake-up call” years before and wonders if they could have made it work had that happened earlier in his life. He also tells her that he envisions himself with six children — and her by his side.

Nancy and Jonathan in ‘Stranger Things’

However, they never go further than talking in the latest episodes, as she’s still with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton). When Jonathan and Nancy finally reunite in the finale, they stay together and he continues to lie to her about his college applications. So, will they be together in the end?

“It’s really tough. I don’t know. It feels like she’s been in a relationship for a while so maybe she needs some self discovery time,” Dyer tells Variety. “It’s a bit complicated. Whatever happens, I would hope that she does it with integrity. I personally had some crunchy feelings about how the whole Jonathan thing started sort of behind Steve’s back. I can’t believe she did that. I mean, I can.”

She adds, “I just think she’s stronger now. I think she’s more sure of herself. So whatever she decides to do, she’ll do it for the right reasons.”

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Steve and Nancy in ‘Stranger Things’
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She went on to explain that “Nancy and Steve have come so far” from who they were in the beginning of the show — both separately and together.

“What this season touches on is the fact that these two people do care about each other and that hasn’t gone away. What that is and what label you want to put on that, I don’t know, but we see these characters meeting again after growing up and going through life with it,” Dyer says. “So that was really lovely to play. It was really fun and touching. Truly, I have no idea where it’s gonna go but I do like that they at least still care about each other.”

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