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‘Onision: In Real Life’ Documentary Investigates Abuse Allegations Against the YouTube Star

“I was just a kid. If I’d been able to see the signs I could have been saved.”

These are the words of Canadian singer Shiloh Hoganson, 27, who opens up about her disturbing relationship with controversial YouTube personality Onision in a new documentary.

The three-part limited series Onision: In Real Life streams on discovery+ beginning January 4. It tells the story of Greg Jackson, 35, who created the persona of “Onision” and has gained more than 2 million followers on YouTube with his videos that often objectified women, including some where he humiliated Shiloh (below) and pretended to shoot her.

Last year Onision hit the headlines after a string of young women came forward making abuse accusations. Then To Catch a Predator’s Chris Hansen began investigating claims that the YouTube star was involved in grooming underage girls.

Onision, who is known for communicating with fans online, is said to have had relationships with many of the females he has met on the internet.

“He has been accused of almost cult-like tactics,” says Hanson in the documentary. “He used that fame in such a disturbing way. In his heyday he was a teen heartthrob. He was seen as an attractive young guy with a message who could speak to these girls. He developed a following. It was really something.”

Onision, who says his name means “One divine community,” is described as a “monster” in the documentary, but insists he is just misunderstood. Yet while Chris Hansen (below) probed into his behavior, he even posted videos mocking and taunting Hansen online.

'Onision: In Real Life' Documentary Investigates Abuse Allegations Against the YouTube Star

Fellow YouTuber Blaire White describes Onision as “the R.Kelly of YouTube.”

Most of the focus of the documentary is on his ex-fiancee Shiloh, who earlier in her music career performed with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, and now goes by the professional name Lyldoll.

She got together with Onasion after he befriended her online when she was just 16; it developed into something more serious after he broke up from his first wife, Skye, in 2010.

Much of Onision and Shiloh’s life together was played out on his YouTube channel, which was making him $30,000 a month according to Shiloh.

But she says she became little more than “his slave” and the stresses of their life together caused her to have a breakdown. Eventually, they split and now, looking back, Shiloh says their relationship was not so much about love but “lust and control.”

She adds: “I’ll do anything in my power to make sure this doesn’t happen to somebody else.”

Onision: In Real Life streams on discovery+ beginning January 4.

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