The Walking Dead: The Truth About Stephanie (Eugene Was Tricked)

The Walking Dead season 11 Part 2 ended with Eugene and the real Stephanie, Max Mercer, played by Margot Bingham, on a cliffhanger for Part 3.

Warning! Spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead.

The Walking Dead season 11 revealed that Commonwealth radio operator Stephanie was Max Mercer, right in time for her and Eugene to reunite before the cliffhanger-filled mid-season finale episode 16, “Acts of Gods”. Max, played by Margot Bingham, was confirmed as the real Stephanie back in episode 5 “Out of the Ashes”, but Eugene didn’t learn her identity until episode 11 “Rogue Element”. The Stephanie he’d met and fallen in love with was a decoy, and with Mercer outing herself as the voice from the radio, it turned out there never was a Stephanie at all.


By the mid-season break, things aren’t looking good for the human survivors of AMC’s zombie wasteland, including Eugene. The Commonwealth turned out too good to be true. A lot was lurking beneath the surface, and before Eugene and his group were admitted into the community, the leaders of the Commonwealth, particularly Max’s brother Michael Mercer, devised a plan to use them as a source of information on Alexandria. This plan included Eugene meeting a decoy Stephanie, who he fell in love with over a relationship lasting until episode 11. Eugene was heartbroken to learn Stephanie was actually Shira, a secret service agent working for Lance Hornsby. All wasn’t lost for Eugene though, as at the episode’s climax Max made herself known, and he finally met the real “Stephanie”.

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Unfortunately, by this point, the problems in Alexandria that made Eugene’s plan to travel to the Commonwealth and meet Stephanie seem like the best option have come to a head. Alexandria and the Commonwealth look poised to engage in an all-out war with multiple factions and characters involved. The mid-season break left many unresolved plot threads for when the show returns in fall 2022. After being built up for over one and a half seasons, it would be doing Eugene’s character a disservice if he and Max finally uniting didn’t impact the end of The Walking Dead’s last ever season.

What’s Happened With Eugene And Stephanie In Season 11 So Far

Josh McDermitt as Eugene and Chelle Ramos as Stephanie in Walking Dead

Towards the end of season 10, Alexandria was beginning to crumble. The shelter the survivors relied on for so long was starting to come undone, and the threat of starvation loomed. Eugene’s plan to make contact with Stephanie and ask for help from her people, the Commonwealth, seemed like a good idea to some Alexandria citizens including Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth caught wind of the plan and intercepted the group. To take things further, they tricked Eugene by introducing him to a fake Stephanie so she could gather information about Alexandria.

Once at the Commonwealth, the fake Stephanie took Eugene to get ice cream, which is where he first met the real Stephanie (aka Max), although this wasn’t revealed to Eugene at the time. For six episodes, the Commonwealth and decoy Stephanie kept up their ruse. She even dated Eugene, sharing his bed. It wasn’t until Eugene professed his love for fake Stephanie and she reciprocated that she got cold feet and brutally ended their relationship. This was when Eugene learned of her identity as Shira, and that the Stephanie he’d met and fallen for was a construct created by Shira and Hornsby to gain information about Alexandria. It’s at this point Max approaches a heartbroken Eugene and reveals herself as the true Stephanie using callsigns from their radio conversations across season 10.

The Walking Dead viewers were dubious of Shira’s decoy Stephanie from her debut, and speculation around both her and Max’s identity as the real Stephanie surfaced online as soon as Episode 5 aired. In Episode 12, “The Lucky Ones”, theories were confirmed or squashed, as Max Mercer explained she was the real Stephanie, that their radio friendship was genuine, and she’d been forced by her brother to keep quiet and allow the decoy Stephanie to trick Eugene. Over the next few episodes, the two develop a romantic connection and kiss by Episode 15, “Trust”. For fanbase favorite Eugene, that might have been a satisfying conclusion to his character arc. This is The Walking Dead though, a show not known for its happy endings, and the part 3 set up by the mid-season finale and trailer hint at troubles ahead for Eugene and Max.

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Everything We Know About The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 

Chelle Ramos as Stephanie and Josh McDermitt as Eugene in The Walking Dead

The mid-season finale left plenty of cliffhangers, but swelling civil unrest in the Commonwealth is bound to be a major plot point of season 11 part 3. Footage from the final season of The Walking Dead points to troubled (and troubling) times for the Commonwealth citizenry. Max isn’t in the trailer. She was last shown readying an article to expose governor Pamela Milton. Since the trailer only showed a visibly upset Eugene hugging an equally upset Rosita, it might be that Max’s attempts to shed light on the lies of the Commonwealth leadership don’t end all that well for her in part 3.

There’s no set release date for season 11 part 3 aside from fall 2022. It’s the final third of the last ever series of The Walking Dead though, so anything unresolved needs to be wrapped up for a satisfying conclusion after over ten years on the air. With new footage emerging all the time, it’s looking ever likelier that more light will be shed on Eugene and Max’s journey and its (possibly tragic) conclusion. Until then fans of the show are left to speculate, but many followers of The Walking Dead have already voiced hope that Eugene, a mainstay since season 4, finally meeting Max/Stephanie wasn’t a plot thread that ends up going nowhere.

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AMC’s The Walking Dead Series 11 part three begins Fall 2022

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