The Best Spanish Language Films On Netflix

From Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver, to Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, it’s no secret that Spanish-language films are some of the greatest in cinema history. However, there are far too many exports that get lost in translation on their way to Western mainstream. If you’re not well-versed in the Spanish language genre, you may not know where to start or even where to look on Netflix. No worries. We have you covered.

Netflix has provided a selection of some of the most popular films in Spanish, as well as some hidden gems. Here are the greatest Spanish-language films on Netflix.

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Inspired by the childhood of writer and director Alfonso Cuarón, Roma is a gorgeous black-and-white telling of one young woman’s life as a live-in maid in Colonia Roma, Mexico City. Touching, devastating, and deeply personal, the film also nabbed a top honor at the Oscars.

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Pan’s Labyrinth

An essential watch for any Guillermo del Toro fans, Pan’s Labyrinth tells the tale of one young girl’s journey into a dark, twisted Alice in Wonderland-esque fantastical realm set against aa war torn 1944 Spain.

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Y Tu Mamá También

Starring Gabriel García Bernal, Y Tu Mamá También turns the coming-of-age road trip genre on its head as it follows two young men and an older women as they travel amid a turbulent political climate in Mexico.

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Loosely based on true events, this supernatural horror film follows the perils of a young girl in Madrid when the aftermath of a seance she hosted at school follows her home.

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Quién te cantará

When a beloved singer experiences memory loss, it is up to her super fan to remind her who she is.

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The Platform

Heavily metaphorical, The Platform illustrates a prison system in which inmates reside in a vertical tower and are reassigned a room every month. Their food source operates on a platform, which stops at each floor beginning at the top and then descends down with whatever is left. As scarcity and starvation ensues, it soon becomes apparent that those at the bottom will rise.

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The Distinguished Citizen

A Nobel-prize winning expat returns to his homeland in Argentina after decades of writing about it from a distance.

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Time Share

Two fathers must join forces to rescue their families after realizing that the American timeshare they have entered has evil lurking too close for comfort.

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The Bar

When a group of random bargoers unexpectedly witness a mysterious double-homicide, they are forced to remain inside of the crime scene. As they struggle for answers, paranoia rises, making an already tense situation nearly unbearable.

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Even the Rain

Two filmmakers arrive in Bolivia, intent on shooting a historical film about Christopher Columbus’s conquests. However, they find themselves amid a a whole other historical moment in action, as their production is met with unexpected obstacles from the ongoing Cochabamba Water War.

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