The Best Mother’s Day Cards for Every Kind of Mom

More than anything, all your mom really wants is to feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day. Thankfully, the best Mother’s Day cards are the perfect way to show her just how much you care about her, whether or not you also splurge on the best Mother’s Day gifts.

The only issue? Holiday greeting cards (see: Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day) can be hit-or-miss, and many Mother’s Day cards can veer into territory that’s either overly sweet or far too goofy. But that’s not to say all of them are. It’s just a matter of finding the gems—which is exactly where we come in with our top picks for surprising loved ones this special day. Of course, when shopping for Mother’s Day greeting cards, don’t be afraid to share the love beyond your own mom—or mother figure. There are plenty of options for mothers-in-law, stepmoms, grandmothers, family friends, and anyone else you want to honor with a thoughtful thank-you card (or “just because” snail mail).

To help you make Mom’s day this spring, we combed the internet for the right cards for any mother figure, whether it’s her first Mother’s Day or her 50th. Whether you want to go all out with a paper flower pop-up card, make a inside joke, or simply say “I love you” with a sweet notecard, we unearthed the absolute best Mother’s Day cards for 2022. Just don’t wait too long to checkout—you have until Sunday, May 8, to pick up your favorite!

P.S.: The Target and Maisonette cards are Quick Shop products—you don’t have to leave Glamour to buy them.

Sweet Mother’s Day Cards

These classic cards put to paper everything you wish you had the words to say. If you can swing it, don’t forget to also send Mom a fresh flower bouquet or orchid arrangement. (Psst: If you want something more personalized than just a “best mom” card, Artifact Uprising also offers printable photo cards that let you print cute snaps from your camera roll—no framing required.)

Funny Mother’s Day Cards

Moms with a strong sense of humor will love these cheeky cards that balance love with laughs. If you can’t be there to crack a few jokes on Mother’s Day, at least a you can pick up a funny card to give her a good chuckle.

Cute Mother’s Day Cards

The subtle details in these best sellers—like embroidery, gold foil, and charming fonts—make their messages feel just a little more heartfelt. They’re right, though: You’re never too old to need your mom, and she really does make the sun shine.

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