Tayshia Adams Says She Got What She Wanted Out of ‘The Bachelorette’

I liked that I didn’t know everything that was going to be airing. It made my experience my own. That wasn’t my journey; that was Clare’s, and Clare got out what she wanted, and it was time for me to experience that same thing.

What did you think about Clare’s journey now that you’ve been watching it over the last few weeks?

I’m so happy for her. The fact that she went on the show looking for love and looking for her person and she found exactly that. That’s what the whole point of this all is. I’m really happy for her, and I wish them the best.

We know that Clare doesn’t leave the season completely, and we’ll see her pop up along the way. At what point will we see you guys interact, if we will at all?

You know, again, just to give us each our own experience, I think she was happily engaged and was doing her thing, and then I went on my adventure finding my guy, and just meeting these guys. So we did not interact, but I think it was because there was just so much going on.

Have you talked to her since, or will that be saved for Men Tell All or After the Final Rose?

We have been in communication since.

Tell me about when you got the call that you were going to step in and be the Bachelorette. Where were you in life in terms of finding love? Were you thinking about putting dating on the back burner for a bit because we’re in a pandemic? Were you looking for love? What was your mindset when it came to finding love and just being in a relationship?

It’s so funny. I had a conversation with my girlfriends about the week before quarantine hit [in March]. Obviously, we didn’t know quarantine was going to happen, but I was like, “You know what? I’m ready! I want to start dating. Let’s go out this weekend!” So we went out and that was the last weekend we were able to go out and do anything [like that]. It’s funny because I was ready and looking for my person, and then quarantine happened. I wish I would have had somebody because I was stuck in a house by myself: no animals, just a plant. It would have been nice to have had a partner at the time! But, you know, I got a different experience and became the Bachelorette and dated multiple people.

Do you feel like it was better not having a lot of prep time before you became the Bachelorette? You didn’t have a lot of time to think. 

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