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Nadia Rose: ‘I managed to find love through a quarantine’

In this week’s episode of Agenda, guest hosted by Ray BLK, Ray chats to Nadia Rose who discusses launching her own music label, releasing her most recent EP, finding love in lockdown and more. Ray also plays Agony Aunt, answering questions sent in from fans via social media and celebrates Agenda cover artist this week Stefflon Don.

Nadia Rose on deciding to start her own music label…

‘Well, I was in a bit of a sticky label situation previously. There was just too much bumping of heads. So none of my music was going out, there’s just loads of tension, so it just … Yeah, it didn’t work out, but luckily managed to get out of that situation. I guess from what I’d learned from being on that label and seeing how the inners were working, but wasn’t actually being applied to me, I then thought, “Do you know what? Now that I’ve got this knowledge, I might as well take that and also I have the knowledge of myself and what I want and just fuse them together in this label setting.” And it’s been great so far, obviously it’s not just going to be me on the label. I’m looking to expand, I’ve already got some artists in mind. Yeah, man. It’s just all about taking over. That’s the mood baby. You know that, Ray.’

Nadia Rose on finding love in lockdown…

‘Do you know what, we knew each other for a while, we met back in 2017 and then life just happened and yeah somehow quarantine kept us apart, but brought us together, which was … Yeah, was interesting. But yeah, I’m enjoying this, I’ve never really been in love before. Maybe I had an idea of it, but yeah, nothing quite like what this is. Yeah, so I’m super gassed, I didn’t think this would ever happen for me. I have this kind of look that seems pretty hard and tough but yeah, I’ve really definitely, softened up, which yeah, I’m loving. I’m embracing this side of me.’

Nadia Rose on her experience of lockdown…

‘You know, it took me a little while to adjust because being artists we’re used to just touring, studio sessions, appearances. So yeah, all of that coming to a halt, I was a bit like, “What do I do now?” But luckily, because I had just set up the label, I had a ton of admin stuff and just stuff that I really need to sit down and focus on, it wasn’t about going outside anyway. So yeah, I was able to just really focus on that, which was good because I know if I was still out there as normal, that probably would’ve been a longer process. So I’m grateful for it in that sense. Obviously it was testing times, but yeah, got through it and I also managed to find love through a quarantine, which was interesting.’

On the release of her latest EP…

‘I did, yes. My EP, First Class, dropped August 9th or was it 8th, even? Yeah, I think I went for the day earlier, 8th and yeah, the single Higher dropped in the same day and the reception’s been great. I guess people are just happy to see that I’m putting stuff out and enjoying the music and likewise, so it’s good. It’s all via my own label, Qwerky Entertainment.’

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