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MAMAMOO’s Solar & Moonbyul Team Up for Duo Project: Watch ‘GGBB’ & ‘Chico Malo’

MAMAMOO introduced their first official sub-unit, MAMAMOO+, consisting of members Solar and Moonbyul, last August with a bouncy, modern R&B track “With You.” Seven months later, the duo unleashed their first EP with the release of Act 1, Scene 1 featuring exciting twists on what we typically expect from the popular K-pop girl group.


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

With a name seemingly drawing inspiration from OTT streaming services like Disney+, Discovery+, and Paramount+, MAMAMOO+ tap into genres their mother group has worked with but brings exciting, experimental updates. New single “GGBB” (standing for “Good Girl Bad Boy”) showcases the doo-wop and pop inspirations that the group initially embraced at the start of their career via 2014 singles like “Piano Man” and “Mr. Ambiguous” but switches up production in the bridge for a glitchy, fierce and rhythmic breakdown section. Released last week ahead of the full EP, “Chico Malo” mixes traditional Korean instruments like the gayageum and daegeum with trap beats for an anthem displaying the confidence that has become a hallmark of MAMAMOO’s latest releases.

Both of MAMAMOO+’s music videos are fresh visual treats as well. For “GGBB,” Solar and Moonbyul lead a troupe of dancers through different scenes, costumes, and scenarios in a Broadway-like performance. The video ends with the cast taking a bow and the curtain closing, leaving viewers wanting more before the two pop back to wave and say bye to viewers. Meanwhile, in “Chico Malo,” Solar and Moonbyul are seen alongside singer Kim Junsu, a singer famous for Korea’s musical storytelling style of pansori, for an “Aniri” version of their video to spotlight the form of Korean traditional singing. The visual features intricate fan choreography, gayageum and daegeum instrumentalists, plus modernized versions of classic Korean outfits. As made clear from the videos, not only is MAMAMOO+ experimenting and expanding with their music but with their visual storytelling too.

Act 1, Scene 1 is the latest release from the MAMAMOO members ahead of their MY CON U.S. Tour. The group recently unveiled the massive arena venues for the nine dates through May and June.

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