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First Stream Latin: Manuel Turizo, Cazzu, Ricardo Montaner & More

First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Manuel Turizo, “La Bachata” (La Industria Inc./Sony Music Latin)

Manuel Turizo is heartbroken and he’s literally gritando a los cuatro vientos in his new music video for “La Bachata.”  Precisely that, Turizo’s new single is a captivating bachata track with a touch of urban beats and weeping string melodies a la Aventura in the 2000s. Disappointed in love, Turizo sings about an ex who hurt him, and yet he still misses her. In the music video, he’s seen listening to his song on a portable CD player while he performs it in a lonely field. At the ending, he hints that his next single could possibly be titles “Extasis.” — JESSICA ROIZ


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Cazzu & María Becerra, “Maléfica” (Rimas Entertainment)

Argentine royalty! Cazzu and María Becerra are at it again with their new collaboration “Maléfica,” a hypnotic track powered by a head-bobbing reggaetón beat. The pairing comes a year after releasing “Animal,” which opened Becerra’s debut album. In the new song, the maleficent duo trade cheeky verses about everything they have to offer that makes them the most unforgettable lovers. “I promise that you won’t forget esta loca,” they sing in the chorus. — GRISELDA FLORES

Ricardo Montaner, Tango (Hecho a Mano Records)

Ricardo Montaner pays homage to his Argentine roots and childhood in the bluntly-titled Tango, an 11-track tribute album to that most Argentine of genres. But no genre can out-Montaner Ricardo Montaner. Known for his extraordinary, emotional voice, Montaner keeps his pop stair flair but ups the pathos by singing over grand, highly orchestrated arrangements in renditions of classics like “El Día que me Quieras” and “Por Una Cabeza.” Using top Argentine arrangers and producers, and recorded in analog format in iconic ION studios in Buenos Aires, Tango is a classic with mass appeal sensibility. — LEILA COBO

Vanesa Martín & Jesse & Joy, “Si Pudiera” (Warner Music Spain)

Crooner Vanesa Martín joins forces with pop sibling duo Jesse & Joy to deliver a powerful ballad, which thrives on perfect melodies accompanied by voices that connect deep with hearts. The lyrics narrate love stories that took a turn for the worst not knowing if there will ever be a second chance. “If I could go back, I’d erase every mistake. With my clumsiness and stupidity, I am no longer what I was; I already learned the lesson, and even if you let me, I know that you are better without me.” — INGRID FAJARDO

Akim, Haters & Fanaticos (Carbon Fiber Music)

Two years after inking a record deal with Carbon Fiber Music, Akim releases his debut studio album Haters & Fanaticos, dedicated to everyone, including his biggest supporters and non-supporters. Hailing from Colón Province in Panama, Akim’s sensual vocals bring to life 15 tracks where he conserves his Panamanian roots and delivers many dancehall, EDM, trap, rhythmic, and reggae plena bangers.  The album kicks off with the Maffio-assisted focus track “Paragua,” and travels through previously released singles “Fettucine” and “Otra Baby,” alongside Dalex, Beele, and Boza. On the album, Akim joins forces on multiple tracks with Carbon Fiber artists Farruko and Ankhal, such as “Luz,” “Paredes de Hielo,” and “Kilo Kilo.” Other collaborators include De La Ghetto, Lyanno, Kevvo, Rike Music, and Rvssian. — J.R.

Kinky, “Instintos Animales” (OCESA Seitrack)

A quintessential Kinky track, “Instintos Animales” is an electronica anthem that thrives on groovy, psychedelic beats and whimsical dance arrangements. In the song, Kinky’s lead singer, Gil Cerezo, lets himself go allowing his animalistic instincts to take over and enjoy a wild ride. “Instintos Animales” is part of the Mexican band’s new album, Fierrro, which dropped today (May 27) — five years since their 2017 album, Nada Vale Más Que Tu. –– G.F.

Ovy on the Drums & Felix Klain “Borracha” (Warner Music Latina)

Artist and producer Ovy on the Drums has blessed fans with a new single titled “Borracha,” alongside Spanish artist Felix Klain. Produced by the Colombian artist himself, this perfect summer anthem opens with sultry cumbia rhythms that bring infectious thumping beats to the track. The pair sing about a girl who’s tired of love and is now enjoying her single life to the fullest. “They told me they saw you drunk at the club, baby; what happened to you? You weren’t like that, girl,” they sing in the chorus. — I.F.

DEKKO, “El Cielo Se Me Cayo” (Interscope Records)

DEKKO (real name: Daniel Esquiaqui) is cementing himself as Colombia’s latest breakthrough artist with his raspy vocals and catchy beats, best represented in his new single “El Cielo Se Me Cayo.” The newcomer showcases his Barranquilla roots in his latest rack fusing champeta and reggaetón with other rhythmic beats. “El Cielo Se Me Cayo” narrates the story of a person who was fooled in a relationship. “The sky fell on me/ I didn’t see it coming/ Why didn’t anyone warn me?/ What fault do I have if the angel that I loved also betrayed me?” he chants at the beginning of the track. In the music video, DEKKO is surrounded by models dressed as angels and fluffy clouds. — J.R.

Beele, Myke Towers & Feid, “Barranquilla Bajo Cero” (Hear This Music/5020 Records)

Beele reeled in Myke Towers and Feid for his new single “Barranquilla Bajo Cero,” a track that kicks off with a soft ballad before transitioning into reggae, and ultimately becoming an infectious reggaetón song. Describing how losing that special someone can turn your life upside down, Beele’s lyricim compares his feelings to Colombia’s Barranquilla being below zero. The music video, featuring all three artists, sends that same message. — J.R.

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