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First Spin: The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From Fisher, Catz ‘n Dogz & More

Beyond all that, we’ve got new music, from house to techno to tech house to melodic house and beyond. Let’s dig in.

Fisher, “Just Feels Tight”

Since blowing up in 2018 with his peak time anthem “Losing It,” Fisher’s brand has been defined by equal parts zaniness, shamelessness and big-time tech house heat. That winning equation is roughly similar on the Australian producer’s first track of 2021, “Just Feels Tight,” in which he delivers the same sort of bouncy, bass-laden and thoroughly undeniable sound that he’s made his name on, and which here oscillates between sparer sections and walls of squelchy synth. The song’s video finds Fisher playing an intense (and half-naked) aerobics instructors in a room full of scantily clad women, in a slick homage to the video for Eric Prydz’s 2004 all-time classic, “Call On Me.” Does it all work? Yes, it all works. — KATIE BAIN

Pusher, “Back in Time”

Things to do today: Go back in time; kill Hitler, steal all the greatest songs and write them first — or, you could skip all that and just listen to Pusher’s new song “Back in Time.” It’s a groovy, synth-riddled, pop-culture explosion that admits our time is pretty much a living nightmare, and we might as well just go back to 1989 when video games were pixelated, climate change was some kind of “what if,” and pop radio featured a lot of sax. The official music video channels classic comics and a lot of TV, movie and music references to tell a story just as ridiculous, and just as fun, as its inspirations.

“’Back in Time’ is a song about nostalgia for a simpler time to escape the troubles of the present — selectively forgetting that no point in the past was as wonderfully pure as we sometimes want to imagine,” Pusher says in a press release. “The music video — created by Occupied VR (who also did the video for my last single “Advertising”) — has me playing over a dozen characters, and tells the story of a musician being summoned by the Time Council to go on a time travel quest to recruit the greatest band possible (or at least some musicians/movie references) in order to prove the value of musicians to the capitalistic robot overlords of the far-flung future.”

This is Pusher’s fourth single from his forthcoming debut album Stay-at-Home Popstar, which tackles all kinds of relatable topics, like phone addictions and the inescapable grasp of commercialism, all over really catchy electronic melodies. It’s due out later this year. — KAT BEIN

Elderbrook & Bob Moses, “Inner Light” 

It’s subtle, but if you really pay attention to the lyrics of Elderbook and Bob Moses’ new collaborative track “Inner Light,” you’ll hear that the song is both a lush, emotionally evocative melodic house record that brings out the best of each act’s respective talents, and also a dance tutorial. “You want to dance?,” Bob Moses’ Jimmy Vallance sings. “You don’t know how to get it on the floor, man don’t hold back for anyone. Close your eyes and just follow the inner light, you count on me.”

This sturdy pep talk follows the song’s theme of, Elderbrook says, “someone that’s too self-conscious to dance. The person asking them realizes that they are unsure but tells them ‘don’t worry about it, trust your instincts’ and follow your ‘inner-light.’”

May we all meet such a someone so kind the next time we’re not entirely feeling ourselves on the floor. “Inner Light” is the lead single from Elderbook’s forthcoming sophomore album, which will also features collaborations with Kölsch and Louis the Child. Meanwhile, Elderbrook’s North American tour launches this Sunday (August 1) with a set at Lollapalooza and extends through October.  — K. Bein

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