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Every Collaboration on Bad Bunny’s ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ Ranked: Critics’ Picks

Yes, we’re still processing and breaking down Bad Bunny‘s multi-layered Un Verano Sin Ti album, and now, Billboard‘s Latin editors are raking all the collaborations featured on the chart-topping set. The 23-track LP features seven new collabs including the indie-pop gem “Otro Atardecer” ft. The Marías, the modern perreo anthem “Me Porto Bonito” with Chencho Corleone and the Buscabulla-assisted empowering track “Andrea.”



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

On May 6, the Puerto Rican hitmaker released the long-awaited studio album via Rimas Entertainment, which he describes as “special” and “emotional,” because it “it reflects all of my summers growing up,” he previously said during an interview on The View.

The Puerto Rican hitmaker’s 23-track set debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200Top Latin Albums and Latin Rhythm Albums charts (dated May 21). Below, we’ve ranked every collaboration on Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti.

7. “Tarot” feat. JhayCo

After “Dákiti” spent 27 consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, Bad Bunny and JhayCo placed all bets on a formula that had already worked for them. Like “Dákiti,” the pair’s new collab “Tarot” is an infectious EDM track about a girl who’s the center of attention. While we would’ve really appreciated hearing the hitmakers explore new sounds in this album’s collab, why deviate from something that’s worked for them in the past, right?

6. “La Corriente” feat. Tony Dize

This team-up surprised fans on so many levels: one because it’s the highly awaited Tony Dize comeback, and two, because he returned to his hard-hitting reggaeton roots. “La Corriente” is another ladies’ anthem, dedicated to those women who live life to the fullest and are better off single. “Because you are not like another/ You are different/ Living the crazy life/ Always against the current/You do what you want,” says the chorus.

5. “Party” feat. Rauw Alejandro

This collab works for so many reasons: an earworm chorus, the refreshing nu-disco undertones, two really fun and experimental artists working together. All elements combined make it a standout on the set. Fun fact: The loop/chorus “party party party party” is sung by singer-songwriter Elena Rose.

4. “Andrea” feat. Buscabulla

This track is a melancholic trip kicked off by Raquel’s soothing and warm vocals. She then meets Bunny’s profound lyrics, which represent the strength of a woman who only wants to be loved, respected and free in her own unapologetic way.

3. “Ojitos Lindos” feat. Bomba Estereo

Currently the top-ranking track in our Un Verano Sin Ti tracks poll, this collab between Bunny and Bomba perfectly merges both of their worlds and thrives on the fusion of trumpets and fresh beats with a fascinating combination of Li’s high-pitched vocals and Bad Bunny’s deep, slurred verses.

2. “Me Porto Bonito” feat. Chencho Corleone

Bad Bunny and Chencho Corleone suddenly became the collaboration we never knew we needed. Beyond its modern-day perreo transitioning to an old-school party de marquesina beat, this track easily became a fan favorite thanks to its ultra-hyped lyrics about being confident and beautiful. “You’re not a bebesita, you’re a bebesota,” says a part that’s currently a trending sound on TikTok.

1. “Otro Atardecer” feat. The Marías

There’s something magical about hearing María Zardoya’s ethereal and tender vocals intertwined with Bad Bunny’s deeper vocal range on “Otro Atardecer.” The indie-pop, psychedelic soul gem is an unorthodox pairing that puts Bunny’s versatility at the forefront further proving (not that Bunny needed to prove anything) that he can thrive in spaces outside of his core urban sound. We love a Bunny perreo anthem, but we’re really digging this new direction too.

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