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Charli XCX: ‘Everybody wants to just party to this song. It’s back to my roots’

Charli XCX and Tiësto join Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new song “Hot In It”. The duo tells Apple Music about the origin of the anthemic collaboration and why they were dying to work together. Tiësto also confirms that a new album is on the way and Charli reflects on smashing it at Glastonbury despite being out until 6am the prior evening.

Charli XCX Tells Apple Music About Receiving The Call From Tiësto To Collaborate on “Hot In It”…

I was so honoured when I got the call, to be honest, because I feel like we’ve been in each other’s ether for many, many years and nothing’s ever quite happened, but I’m so happy that we waited for this song because it truly is an anthem. And every single one of my friends, my friends from back home in Essex, my edgy, cool friends in LA, all ends of the spectrum, my mom, everybody wants to just party to this song. It’s back to my roots.

Charli XCX Tells Apple Music About Adding Her Signature Vocal Style To “Hot In It” and Testing It Out on Her Uber Driver…

I feel like my preferred style of singing is something that’s like a little more rhythmical that feels like it could be a part of the track anyway. So when Tiesto sent me this original idea where like the hot in it element was in there, it felt like very me. And so I was in Houston on tour and I went to a studio there and I wrote my parts and it was the first time that I sang it out loud and it just all fit together so well. And when I was going back to the venue, I just made the Uber driver drive around Houston and just play it on repeat. The Uber driver was into it. He was like, “Hey, I think this is going to be big.” And I was like, “Thanks.”

Tiësto Tells Apple Music About Collaborating with Charli XCX on “Hot In It” and The Origin of the Track…

I was dying to work with Charli for years and like she said, it never happened. And every time I thought, “No, I have something” or she sends or her team send me something and we’ve been so close to many times. So finally I can put you off my bucket list. It’s amazing. And yeah, the song came together. The original was just a sample, low male vocal and it just didn’t sound as good. And then she re-sang everything and it sounds incredible.

Tiësto Confirms To Apple Music That a New Album Is on The Way…

I’m also working on an album and this is for me a complete new direction. I’ve been going more housey and more groovy. And it’s a whole new direction, so it’s very exciting.I love that I could be anything nowadays, not just boxed into one style or one sound. It makes life so much more exciting when you have DJ sets and you can literally play whatever you want.

Charli XCX Tells Apple Music About Performing Hungover at Glastonbury…

I am so happy that I smashed it because I woke up in the morning and I had been out since 6:00 AM. I was so hungover Zane. I was like, “It’s just not going to happen. It’s not going to happen.” I know, but I pulled through and it was all good and I did smash it, but there was a moment there where I was like, “Oh my God, what is going to happen?” But it was great. It was the best time ever. I had so much fun.

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