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Calvin Harris: ‘If it makes you feel good then stick it out’

Calvin Harris joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song “By Your Side” ft. Tom Grennan. He tells Zane about how the song came to be, his experience of working with Tom Grennan, the possibility of a new album on the horizon, and more.

Calvin Harris Tells Apple Music About New Song “By Your Side”…

This new one, it felt nostalgic to me in a nice way. The sort of thing that nobody else is making, so that feels good. And regardless of how it does or whatever, it felt really nice to me. I had the idea for a while, and I was kind of going through things that I forgot that I made. It was one of the things that sort of jumped out at me, and I thought, “Oh, I should finish this. This is nice.” And it’s just that thing, if it makes you feel good then stick it out, probably, it is a good idea. Funny because I used to release everything that I made, and I never had any folders of anything. Everything that I made, used to come out. Recently I’ve done a lot of tracks with people that have either fallen through, or their label said no, or they changed their mind, or I’ve changed my mind. So now I have folders, and I finally feel like a normal kind of producer, because that’s apparently what people have.

Calvin Harris Tells Apple Music About Working With Tom Grennan on the Track…

I couldn’t think of anyone else that could suit it, to be honest with you. The first thing is I liked his voice a lot. I started following him on Instagram. And I was struck by his positivity, his relentless positivity in his posts. I thought, “This guy is … Gee, I like this.” So when I figured out what the song was going to sound like, he seemed like such an obvious choice. And I wasn’t sure if he was going to be up for it either. So I was very happy that he was.

Calvin Harris Tells Apple Music About The Possibility of a New Album on the Horizon…

Calvin Harris: I don’t really think about it, to be honest with you.

Zane Lowe: So you’re not making an album, per se? You’re just making music and if it works out that way it works out that way.

Calvin Harris: No, absolutely not. I mean, I’ve made albums since 2010. And then my albums became collections of singles. They became compilation albums. That’s a more fun way of doing it because, firstly, every song has got to be good because it’s coming out as a single. And then secondly, zero pressure as well. Nothing, just fun. So, no, I can’t imagine me doing one probably ever, at this point. But then next week, I’ll start working on one. For me, it’s making records that make me feel good in the hope that other people feel good from it. I’m a service provider. If you want to listen to my songs and you enjoy them then that’s absolutely fantastic. I don’t really ask for anything more than that for me.

Calvin Harris Tells Apple Music He’s Not Eager To Return To Live Shows…

Right now at this moment, I think I’m good. I think I’m all right for now. I like making tunes and just…a bit in the garden and all that. It’s quite nice. So nah, I’m not desperate for it. Not really. It would be nice to do it under the right sort of circumstances, but I don’t know, at the minute I’m good.

Calvin Harris Tells Apple Music About Stealing Afrojack’s Kickdrum…

I made a song called Awooga, a big EDM track-.. and I stole an Afrojack kick, and Crete, three years later, he asked me for the Awooga kick, and said, “Ah, I love that kick. Everytime I play that track, it really bangs. What’s that kick? Can you send me that kick?” So I sent him back. I didn’t tell him that it was his kick.

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