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Billie Eilish: ‘I was just so obviously miserable all the time’

Today Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa spoke to Billie Eilish today about her unique sound tracks, her relationship with her family and the journey through some of the toughest years of her life to get to her “Happier Than Ever” album.

“Was there a moment when you went, I am happier than ever?” -Fitzy

“I think that it was more of just a process. I’m sure you guys saw the doc, you know, there’s a big change in my mental state. When I was, 14, 15, 16 those were just really tough years for me, and I was having to do all of the same stuff that I’m doing now. But just in a terrible, terrible place as a young girl, and it was awful. And, I was just so obviously miserable all the time. Like I didn’t sugar coat it at all. Over time I did things and was patient and got through that and yes, got to a place where I felt happier, and again, this is like, happier than ever doesn’t mean I’m the happiest person in the world. It means I’m happier than I was. And so, I became happier than before. Yeah, I think that the fans really grasped on to that and I just felt like it was such a good and capsulation of like the last few years, you know.” -Billie

Billie talks about creating music with her brother and their unique way of collecting sounds for the track

“When you talk about you know, the buzzer, though, at the crossing. Are there other noises that you constantly hear where you’re analyzing, where you are recording on your phone? Is there anything you’ve heard lately? Where you thought there could be a beat in that?” – Fitzy & Wippa

“Yeah. Oh my god, I do it all the time, I literally do it all the time. I think one that stuck out to me recently was I had a coke, yeah, just a bottle. And I had it open and I was like sitting, I think, I was sitting at the piano. And I was playing piano and the coke was like fizzing. I just, I got my phone out and I recorded it, because it was weird and cool. And I don’t know, we have songs on the album that are like, my dog growling.” -Billie

“When you present these sounds to your brother? Does he go ‘oh god how am I gonna get that into a song?’” -Fitzy

“No, actually, he goes, oh, that’s sick.” -Billie

“That’s what I love about your relationship with your bro, is that there is nothing that’s not on the table. I mean, over the years, you’ve seen relationships in bands where they’re like, Oh my god, what is he bringing out now? Or what is she bringing into the song now? But you know what, you guys are welcome to anything. Let’s bring anything to the table here and get it into the song.” – Fitzy

“Yeah, it’s true. And also, he does the same thing. So, he’ll bring just as many little stupid recordings that he takes throughout life, just as many as I do.” -Billie

“A family Affair”: Billie talks family and their role in her life

“I love the fact, in terms of it being a family affair. When you look at things like ‘When the party’s over’, in the film clip for that you’re out in the backyard with your mum and you’re talking about how the glass will come up. So, they also play a role in stunt doubles for your film clips.” -Fitzy & Wippa

“True. They do, and also they’re some of the first people we play our music to when we finish it because, we love them you know?” -Billie

Billie’s board game addiction

“I love games. I over the holidays, realized that I have a weird kind of issue with games because I could play a game for like three days straight. I like honestly. And my family is not like that. I mean, they love games. And we always play games as like a tradition for like holidays, but you know, they’ll play like a round or maybe another round and I honestly. If I’m playing a game with somebody and they say like, okay, like let’s stop. I want to cry.” -Billie

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