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20 Questions With Sasha: On Quarantine in Ibiza & Why Some of His Biggest Projects Aren’t Streaming

The collection began as a playlist of downtempo records Sasha curated with his brother-in-law, music supervisor Ben Dumazot, as a way to match the vibe of being stuck at home in 2020. The set’s musical style, including tracks from lau.ra, MJ Cole, and a collab with Franky Wah, diverge from his club-oriented discography, but plans for LUZoSCURA to launch as a (socially distanced) live concept at Alexandra Palace in London later this month are very much on-brand for the DJ.

1. Where are you in the world right now?

I’m in Ibiza. I’ve been here for most of the lockdown. It’s been very peaceful. The lockdown here was very strict, but things did get back to normal-ish once the cases subsided. Kids are in school and playing sports. I know people in other parts of the world have had it much rougher, so we’re quite blessed to be here.

2. Has it been somewhat surreal to be in a place known for epic parties in a year when there weren’t any?

There have been a few secret parties happening — gatherings. But nothing like we used to. Initially last year when it happened here it really felt like Mother Nature was reclaiming the island. The water was clear. There was no litter or pollution. I remember going swimming the day after the first lockdown lifted and putting some goggles on and it felt like you could see for miles underwater.

3. This has got to be a first for you, doing an interview at 9 a.m. that you’re waking up for rather than staying up for?

I’m actually sharper in the mornings these days!

4. You have been known in your day to be something of a party legend. I remember hearing stories about your bachelor party in Moscow and [DJ/producer] Steve Porter was dancing on a bar or something?

That was a long time ago! Three children have arrived since then. It’s a little different now. And actually for the bachelor party, we ended up in Amsterdam because it was safer. The Moscow idea was nixed because we thought we might all end up getting arrested.

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