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Why Fortnite Is Using Lesser-Known Marvel Heroes Now

The Nexus War is Fortnite’s latest event and features several lesser-known heroes from Marvel Comics. Here’s the likely reason why they were chosen.

Fornite‘s latest event is currently underway and features the heroes of the Marvel universe making their way back into the battle royale. The Nexus War, Fortnite’s current event, is the result of Thor calling a group of Marvel heroes into the world of Fornite in order to protect the planet from the incoming Galactus. This is far from the first Marvel-Fortnite crossover, but this event is distinctly different from all the rest. Normally, these events are used in coordination with something bigger going on in the Marvel universe, but the Nexus War takes everything in a new direction.

Previous Marvel-Fortnite crossovers were heavily based on the last two entries in the Avengers film series. The Infinity Wars event allowed players to temporarily transform into the Mad Titan, Thanos, and wield the power of the Infinity Gauntlet as they wreak havoc across the battlefield. The Endgame event pit the Avengers against Thanos and his army and allowed players to pick which side they wanted to represent and take part in the film’s climactic final battle. These events were essentially marketing stunts to help promote upcoming films through one of the most popular games currently available. The Nexus War is much different.

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Unlike past Marvel tie-in events that were based on films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Nexus War is an entirely original story written by Marvel. A tie-in comic series has been released to help provide background for the Nexus War and explain how these universes came to collide. This comic series is official Marvel canon, so the Fortnite universe is now a part of the Marvel universe. Where previous Fornite events brought the world of Marvel into the video game, the Nexus War has brought the world of Fortnite into the comics. This is an important distinction to make because the Nexus War seems to be a marketing stunt targeted at helping increase readership of Marvel comics.

Fortnite Is Using Lesser-Known Heroes To Market Marvel Comics

Considering the fact previous Fornite events were based on the Avengers films, Marvel already has a history of teaming up with Epic Games for the sake of promoting their products. The comic book industry has gone through some struggles in recent years, so using one of the most popular free-to-play games ever released to help drum up some interest isn’t the worst idea. The characters Marvel is introducing into the Fornite universe though the Nexus War implies an emphasis on the comics.

Several Marvel characters are making their return to Fortnite, like Captain America and Iron Man, but many of them are new to the game and have never appeared in the MCU. This may be a someone’s first introduction to a character like She-Hulk, which could spark an interest in character’s origin and backstory. Several other characters being added to the Nexus War have much stronger ties to the comic series than any Marvel film that’s been released, like Dr. Doom or the Silver Surfer, while other characters who are well-known from films, like Storm, Wolverine, and Mystique, are wearing their iconic comic book costumes. These distinctions may be slight, but everything about this event seems like an attempt by Marvel to steer people into reading more of their comics, specifically those who may only be familiar with the MCU, like many of the people who play Fortnite.

There is the possibility that Marvel is introducing these characters now so they already have some type of new following ahead of any potential Marvel film they may appear in later down the line. Seeing as members of the X-Men and Fantastic Four are both being represented, two franchises that have yet to appear in the MCU, it’s hard to ignore any film implications the Nexus War might have. Though, that doesn’t seem likely, as Marvel’s current phase has been heavily delayed due to COVID-19. Be sure to check out the Nexus War: Thor #1 in order to get a full understanding of Fortnite’s latest event.

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