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Wasteland 3: A Nightmare in the Bizarre Limerick Answers

Find the three limerick notes in Wasteland 3 to open the gate and take out the rest of the Payasos in the Nightmare in the Bizarre quest.

Wasteland 3 is an RPG game developed by inXile Entertainment. In the Wasteland sequel, players will need to make choices in the post-apocalyptic chaos, and use turn-based combat to take out enemy factions. They can also explore new areas within the game as the story progresses.

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After reaching The Bizarre in Wasteland 3, players can pick up a side quest called A Nightmare in the Bizarre. They will have to take out Payasos in the Warrens. To reach all of the Payasos, players will have to talk with a gate and answer limericks.

Limerick Notes in Wasteland 3

While the gate already provides the player with the first line of the limerick, “You pendejos all want us to croak,” there are four more lines. Three of these lines can be found in notes dropped by the Payasos. Taking out groups of Payasos will reveal these notes to the players. Players will need to find three of these notes and return to the gate to make an attempt of unlocking it. If they read this guide before finding the notes, they can also enter the correct limerick lines without collecting the notes.

Go down to the Warrens and speak to the guard for the gate. Tell him that Flab sent you. Here, the Waste Wormlings will be waiting. Take them out. Keep looking for Payasos in different locations in the Warrens to take them out and collect the notes.

The first limerick note can be found on the ground at the Prison Block near the generator and storage room area. Here, the Payaso’s will use smoke bombs to distract the players and their party. Pick up the note to add it to the inventory. It says “We’re the punchline for every joke.”

The second limerick note can be found on the ground in the Diner after defeating the Payaso’s in the area. Pick it up to add it to the inventory. It says “But the Payaso Mejor”

The third limerick note can be found on the ground at the Playground. The Playground is located after the Diner Kitchen. It can be easily identified by its merry-go-round with spikes. Defeat the Payaso’s and pick up the note to add it to the inventory. It says “Will even the score”

After finding all of the limericks, players should return to the gate and recite the notes when prompted, but they won’t have the final line of the limerick. Based on the first three limerick notes, the fourth line is ”And sh*t down your throats til you choke.” All of the other limerick lines rhyme as well, but this line is the most vulgar one.

Now that the gate is open, take out the rest of the Payasos, collect the Ditso Gogo’s Safe Key, return to the Bizarre, and collect $779, +15 reputation with the Monster Army faction, The Drill Sergeant’s Phrase Book, and the ability to recruit Ananda Rabindranath as a tailor at the Ranger HQ.

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Wasteland 3 is available now on Play Station 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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