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Michael McKean Sends Love to ‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Star Bob Odenkirk: You Got This, Brother

The internet has been put into a frenzy following reports of Bob Odenkirk collapsing on the set of Better Call Saul, and Michael McKean was one of the first to send along his well wishes. In the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad spinoff series, Odenkirk plays Jimmy McGill, the smarmy lawyer who eventually practices law under the alias of Saul Goodman. McKean played his older brother, Chuck McGill, with their love-hate relationship serving as the primary focus of the show’s first three seasons.

Though things sometimes got contentious between Jimmy and Chuck on Better Call Saul, the television brothers are still very close in real life. After hearing the news about what happened with Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean took to Twitter to show his support. The simple tweet reads, “Sending huge love to our @mrbobodenkirk . You got this, brother.”

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McKean is just one of many online sending positive thoughts and well wishes Odenkirk’s way. David Cross, Odenkirk’s co-star from his Mr. Show days, also posted this message: “I will share what I know when I can but Bob is one of the strongest people I know both physically and spiritually. He WILL get through this.”

A fan account for Saul Goodman makes it clear that what matters most is that Odenkirk is alright with a tweet that reads, “Even though Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad brought most of us together please know that the I could care less about them finishing the show. The main thing is that Bob Odenkirk pull out of this and recovers whatever it may be. Also thinking about Bob’s family & friends.”

“Oh man, really hope Bob Odenkirk is ok,” adds Elijah Wood in another popular tweet.

People are concerned as there hasn’t been much information revealed about what’s going on with Odenkirk at this time. What’s been reported is that he was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed on the set of Better Call Saul. It’s not clear if he was conscious when he left in the ambulance or what led to his collapse, but Odenkirk is said to still be under the care of medical professionals. At this point, all any of us can do is send along support.

Odenkirk has been very busy lately filming the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul. It has previously been confirmed that the season will be the last of the series and likely the end of the Saul Goodman character. Though the show primarily takes place in the years before Breaking Bad, there are flash forward scenes that show what Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman) has been up to since living on the lam under a new identity.

The 58-year-old actor has also gotten more physical by taking on the lead role of the action thriller Nobody, which was released this year. Written by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad and directed by Ilya Naishuller, the movie earned Odenkirk a lot of acclaim with fans calling for him to return in a sequel. The Mr. Show star appears to be more popular than ever, and the fans are coming out strong to send their support at a time when Odenkirk could seemingly use it.

Best of luck to Odenkirk and here’s to hoping he’s out of the hospital sooner than later. You can see what other fans are saying in support of Odenkirk on Twitter.

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