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John Carpenter’s The Thing Comic Art Is As Creepy As The Film

Artist Kyle Hotz posted terrifying John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ comic art on Twitter that will surely leave horror fans speechless.

Fans of comic book artist Kyle Hotz can now relive John Carpenter’s classic and cult favorite horror film The Thing after he posts some comic art on Twitter. And there is no doubt that the beautifully drawn comic art is as equally creepy as the film.

Kyle Hotz is a comic book artist, illustrator, writer, and actor who has worked on comics for DC, Marvel, as well as Dark Horse Comics. For those who are unfamiliar with Hotz’s works, he was a writer for The Zombie: Simon Garth comic series, did the artwork for Immortal Hulk Vol. 1 #14, as well as the for a few Batman Detective ComicsAnd this short list barely scratches the surface of what Hotz has written and created over the years. But in a recent post, Hotz releases some new black and white comic art that will leave fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing speechless.

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For those who are familiar with the film The Thing (which is arguably John Carpenter’s greatest film) know that the special effects are still creepy enough to cause the hairs on the back of one’s neck to stand straight up. The film itself revolves around a group of people who work at a U.S. research facility in Antarctica who have their world turned upside-down when a dog enters their facility after being chased and shot at by Norwegian men in a helicopter. At first, the people who work at the U.S. research facility have little to no idea as to why the men in the helicopter are chasing and trying to kill the dog. But by the time they realize that the dog is actually an alien, it’s already too late. Soon, the alien begins to mimic the men who work at the facility through a body transformation that’s quite disturbing… and that’s exactly what Hotz replicates in his comic art.

In Hotz comic art, he meshes together every revolting body transformation that occurs throughout the film – including the burned body that MacReady (played by Kurt Russel) and Dr. Copper (played by Richard Dysart) find at the destroyed Norwegian facility. If one glares closely at the middle of the artwork, they can even see the horrifying head of The Thing’s final form that MacReady destroys in the end with a stick of dynamite. But it’s nearly impossible to miss the iconic spider-head in the foreground of the artwork. The freakishly drawn spider-head refers to the scene where Vance Norris (played by Charles Hallahan) becomes The Thing and during the transformation, Vance’s head rips from his body, sprouts legs, and scatters across the floor like a camel spider.

Although Kyle Hotz’s John Carpenter’s The Thing comic art is frightening, there is no doubt that its eloquence is also breathtaking. And believe it or not, The Thing is getting another reboot. But rest assured that the film may be better than the 2011 prequel as John Carpenter will be a part of the filming process.

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