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How to Complete Ananke’s Challenge in Rogue Legacy 2

This Insight is only known by the large statue holding Ananke’s Shawl. Here’s how to complete Ananke’s Challenge in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy 2 is filled to the brim with fun and challenging Insights. These allow players to unlock unique abilities through the course of complex trials. The trials are some of the most difficult parts of the game, but they are also the most rewarding. The only issue is that players will have to stumble upon the challenges randomly.

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Ananke’s Challenge is one such Insight. This is one of the more simple Insights available in the game for players to take part in. It isn’t something that takes a particular search. This Insight is only known by the large statue holding Ananke’s Shawl. Here’s how to complete Ananke’s Challenge in Rogue Legacy 2.

Completing Ananke’s Challenge in Rogue Legacy 2

Once players happen to stumble upon the Heirloom statue, they just need to jump up and snag Ananke’s Shawl from its hands. Collecting the shawl will give the player the Dash ability. Whether they are on the ground, or in the air, they can dash to the left or right. This is helpful for getting around quickly. avoiding attacks and dodging projectiles. This and the double jump are among the most important abilities in the game.

Once the shawl has been grabbed, players will be transported into the trial. It begins with a quick demonstration of how to dash. After that, players will be faced with a number of dangerous enemies. Using the dash will be the only way to defeat all of them without getting damage. Follow that, is a few hallways filled with flames. The dash is important to get through the hall without being consumed by the flames. This may be a challenging thing to do for players of the original Rogue Legacy. Luckily, the dash is a lot faster than it was in the previous game.

The next area is a bit of a regular platformer that is helped greatly by the ability to dash. Players may want to spend time finding the spinning jump ability or the double jump before they go looking for this challenge. Some of the platforms are particularly difficult to reach without these additional abilities. There will also be devices that players will need to dash into in order to ride them to a new location. A stream of light will travel down the wire until the player is force out of the other side. Dash quickly as soon as the light stops to avoid falling into the pits below.

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Rogue Legacy 2 is available on PC.

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