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Chucky and Glen from ‘Child’s Play’ Just Appeared in a Texas Amber Alert

The Texas Department of Public Safety accidentally issued an Amber Alert on Friday featuring doll characters from the Child’s Play horror movie series. In the alert, Glen Ray, Chucky’s plastic son introduced in the wacky sequel Seed of Chucky, is listed as an abducted 5-year-old child. He is described as standing at 2’3″ and weighing six pounds, dressed in a “blue shirt with black collar.” A picture of Glen from Seed of Chucky was also included.

The “suspect” was named as Chucky from Child’s Play, complete with an image of the killer doll. According to the Amber Alert, he is 3’1″ tall and 16 pounds, wearing “blue denim overalls with multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt” and “wielding a huge kitchen knife.” Along with the Amber Alert descriptions of Glen and Chucky was a number to call, though the number does not actually work.

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Childs Play Amber Alert Texas

It should have been obvious to most everyone who saw the alert that it was a mistake. At least, there are no reports of anyone phoning the police in Texas with concerns that a six-pound doll had been abducted. Still, given how serious the point of the program is, it’s not a good thing to see Amber Alerts used this way. KPRC 2 reached out to the Texas DPS after the alert went out to find out how such a silly Amber Alert could have been issued, and it seems that it was a test that was inadvertently sent out for real.

“Thank you for contacting us. This was actually a test we were running on a dev server and it accidentally went out,” Ruben Medina of DPS told the outlet. “We appreciate you reaching out to us to verify this. We do apologize for this inconvenience (to) you.”

The Amber Alert System was established in Dallas-Fort Worth in 1996. It is named in memory of Amber Hagerman, a nine-year-old abducted and killed in Arlington, Texas. In the United States, Amber Alerts are issued via radio stations, television stations, text messages, and other outlets. They include information about abducted children along with details about the suspect or the vehicle they might be driving. Hundreds of children have since been saved as a result of the program.

Seed of Chucky is perhaps the wildest of all the Child’s Play movies. After getting hitched with Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) in Bride of Chucky, Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) becomes a father when Tiffany gives birth to their child, who’s also a doll. Stranger yet, the doll possess the souls of twins Glen and Glenda, with one much more dangerous than the other. Although multiple Chucky sequels have since come out, the status of Glen in the franchise remains unknown, as he wasn’t featured in these installments. It’s possible he’ll return in Don Mancini’s upcoming Chucky TV series on Syfy.

Seeing Chucky in an Amber Alert might turn out to be one of the strangest things we’ve seen in 2021, but the year is just getting started, and as we’ve learned from last year, there’s no telling what kinds of things we’ll end up seeing next. This news comes to us from KPRC 2.

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