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Bigfoot Hunting Season Lawmaker Gets Hit with Backlash from Both Believers & Non-Believers

Oklahoma Republican Representative Justin Humphrey is receiving backlash from believers and non-believers over his Bigfoot hunting season proposal. Humphrey says he is being called “stupid” for trying to initiate a bill that offers a $25,000 reward for capturing the ape-like creature. The Oklahoma lawmaker is receiving calls and social media messages condemning his behavior, though most of it is coming from people who do not believe that Bigfoot actually exists. He claims he has been called an “idiot” and says that many of the messages are profanity-laden.

Earlier this week, Justin Humphrey filed House Bill 1648, which would draft rules, dates, hunting licenses, and fees to catch the elusive Bigfoot. The southeast Oklahoma lawmaker’s bill calls for the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission to start preparing for the hunting season, though he did not really provide them with too many details. “Establishing an actual hunting season and issuing licenses for people who want to hunt Bigfoot will just draw more people to our already beautiful part of the state,” Humphrey said in a statement.

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Oklahoma residents, along with Bigfoot deniers and believers, are swearing that they will never vote for Justin Humphrey again over his proposed hunting season bill. One person on social media asks, “How many incidents of accidentally shooting hikers thinking they were Bigfoot will it be before this idiotic lawmaker gets charged?” Another person jokes, “An Oklahoma Bigfoot hunting season… who says lawmakers aren’t focused on the important things?” On the other side of the spectrum, some believers think the hunters are no match for the incredibly intelligent sasquatch. “Such dumbass ignorant donkeys!! Is that ALL THAT MATTERS TO AMERICAN HUNTERS is to hunt and kill something that just wants live!! Bigfoot is WAY TOO INTELLIGENT FOR YOU DONKEYS!”

While the Bigfoot hunting season bill is proving to be controversial, Justin Humphrey is just trying to get some tourism money for the state, which is known for its Bigfoot sightings. However, a quick look on social media finds that other states are angry that Oklahoma is claiming to be the epicenter of sasquatch sightings, which is a whole other argument. One person says, “Bigfoot is smart enough to have never been in Oklahoma.” Whatever the case may be, Humphrey more than likely did not expect the level of hate that he is receiving from all over the world.

While everybody seems to be annoyed with Justin Humphrey at the moment, he does say that the Sasquatch believers are being much more civil than the non-believers. When it comes down to it, the believers don’t want anyone out in the woods disturbing the natural habitat of Bigfoot, even though most are under the impression that the creature is far too intelligent to be taken down by a mere hunter. One positive to come out of the situation is a renewed interest in the 1987 movie Harry and the Hendersons, which is always a good thing. The interview with Humphrey was originally conducted by TMZ. You can check out some responses to the Bigfoot hunting bill below.

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