How to Watch ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Like Tom Cruise Intended

Remember when Marvel punted on a theatrical release for Black Widow, dropping Scarlett Johansson’s long-overdue solo superhero outing on Disney+? And ScarJo filed a lawsuit over the whole thing?

Well, one actor who wouldn’t let that happen, apparently, was Tom Cruise. Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to Cruise’s 1986 iconic aviator romp, Top Gun—will debut in theaters on May 24. If you were wondering if there was any chance that you could watch this jam outside of a movie theater this summer, let Cruise squash that notion right now. Last week, at Cannes, during a Q&A event celebrating Cruise, he was asked whether or not a streaming debut for Top Gun: Maverick was ever considered during the coronavirus pandemic. “They wouldn’t dare,” he said. “That’s not going to happen, ever. That was never going to happen. Never. Not going to happen.” Tell us how you really feel, Tom!

Cruise, by the way, didn’t finish there, waxing poetic about… we’re not sure. life, we think. “Look at us all together,” he said to the audience. “We’re all united. We’re all speaking different languages, different cultures, different ideas about art or cinema or storytelling but we are united in being able to come together as a community and share in a shared experience… I make my movies for audiences, because I am an audience, first and foremost.”

Tom Cruise: man, actor, audience. So there you have it. If you want to have yourself a damn good time watching Top: Gun Maverick, you’ll have to do so at your local theater. Typically, Paramount-made debut on its streaming service 45 days after theatrical release, but by the way Cruise is talking, Top Gun: Maverick might just play in cinemas indefinitely. Not that we would complain about that.

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