How To Solve The Maze Puzzle in The Devil in Me

The maze puzzle in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me can be confusing, with many dead ends that look very similar. The maze takes place in the thirty-first chapter, titled Maze. If all the characters are still alive at this point, players will continue as Erin as the team continues to evade Du’Met.

After Du’Met survives his fall from the roof, the trio takes off into the garden maze to hide. Erin will have a quick-time event where players must keep time to the pace of her heartbeat. Depending on the level of difficulty players have chosen, the pattern and buttons used will vary. Once Erin collects her breath, Du’Met will leave the women long enough for them to reconvene.


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The Devil in Me: Maze Chapter Puzzle Solution

The flashlight will aid in finding all the secrets in this chapter, so it’s recommended to use the flashlight in Erin’s inventory over her audio enhancer, which won’t reveal much in this scene. Once Erin is in control, face the empty frame hanging on the maze gate. Going right of the frame through the arched doorway will lead to a map, which some players may find helpful. However, the rest of the paths on this side of the map are dead ends, so turn back through the doorway Erin entered to start at the beginning path again.

Go left of the empty picture frame through the other arched doorway. Walk all the way straight across into a dead-ended alcove. On the ground is an illustrated diagram. Clicking this will unlock a premonition and add a new photo to the photo collections, viewable through the Collections and Characters menu. Head out of the alcove and take a right. This will lead to an area the trio can jump down into. Players should note that Erin cannot go back up after jumping down, so the maze map and unlockable premonition will not be viewable again.

Through the only arched doorway, head left. There will be three pathways available. The hall to the immediate right will lead to a window Erin can peek through with a mannequin couple in a gazebo. Looking through the window long enough will activate a fun jumpscare, prevalent in all The Dark Pictures Anthology games, but otherwise, nothing of note can be found here. Turning back to the three pathways, go down the path to the left. This will lead to an area with an empty picture frame on a stone wall. Walk Erin along the wall, and around the corner will be a long corridor. Players will know it’s the correct path by the dialogue prompting going this way.

Going all the way straight, head around the corner to see a saddle on top of a big log. Turn around from the saddle and go straight towards a light source in the next room. Continuing through this room, there will be two paths available. Take the path with the dilapidated wheelbarrow in the corner and continue into a big room of dismembered mannequins.

If players managed to keep all characters alive in The Devil in Me and Erin is in this scene, she’ll share some interesting insight on Du’Met. The pile of mannequins on the table is observable but only provides a closeup of the bodies. On the opposite side of this room, on the ground, is a readable document with some lore on it. Continue past the mannequin room to enter the center of the maze where the gazebo is located. To the left is a small tunnel with a platform over it. Erin will go through the tunnel and up the stairs to reach the platform. On the desk is a lever Erin can put in her inventory for later. To the right of the ledge leading back to the gazebo is a box with three red buttons. Players will return to this box later, as it is the key to solving this The Devil in Me puzzle and escaping the maze.

Jump down the ledge back into the gazebo area. Going around the gazebo to the other side, players will see big red and yellow cables leading down a pathway. Following the cables, Erin will find a power switch missing its lever. Sometimes the inventory buttons don’t show here, but clicking the right arrow button on PC, or the right D-pad button for console players, will bring out the lever Erin found previously. After attaching the lever and activating the power, lead Erin back to the main gazebo area, into the tunnel, and up the stairs.

Before going straight to the previously discovered button, go into the dead end right in front of the stairs. A coin, or Obol, can be found on the ground here, which can be used to unlock more history surrounding The Devil in Me‘s horror setting. Erin can now push all the buttons, activating music and sending the mannequins into a dance. The gazebo will spin around and reveal a passageway leading underground. Jump down from the platform and head down the ladder into a room with a bar. To the right, there will be a newspaper on a table that players can interact with – flip it over to reveal a secret and unlock some lore. Continue along behind the bar to a partially boarded-up doorway. Erin can crawl underneath the boards to the next room. Go up the ladder, and Erin will have escaped the maze into the garden.

Once Erin and her team, assuming all characters have been kept alive, are in the garden, head towards the right to the wooden entryway to find some observable items. Back in the main garden area, Jamie and Kate will be waiting at an archway lined with Du’Met mannequins. Going through this will lead to the next scene, where the women will continue to run from Du’Met and end the scene Maze, leading to the next chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.

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