How To Save Alfira In Baldur’s Gate 3

Alfira the Tiefling Bard is destined to be the first victim of the player’s Dark Urge in Baldur’s Gate 3. Most players meet her during Act 1 near Emerald Grove. You can talk to her about her music and even get a lute and some musical proficiency from the encounter. If you’re playing as the Dark Urge, however, things change.

After you meet with Kagha, when you set up camp, Alfira will arrive and ask to spend the night. Whether you invite her to stay or not, you will wake up with her blood on your hands and her corpse at your feet. If you want to save Alfira’s life and get her valuable armor in Act 2, you will need to ensure she never shows up at camp.

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How To Avoid Killing Alfira As The Dark Urge In BG3

The only way to prevent Alfira from showing up at your camp following your arrival to Emerald Grove is to incapacitate her before you take a long rest. You can find Alfira along a dirt path at the edge of a cliff. This is where you can get your own lute if you want to build a bard. Otherwise, you must enter non-lethal combat against Alfira and knock her out.

You will need to turn non-lethal combat on in your Passives menu to avoid killing Alfira. Avoid spells or ranged attacks when you enter combat, as those can still be lethal. Unarmed combat works well in this situation, but you can also use your typical melee weapons. Instead of dying, Alfira will fall unconscious. This will make her unable to join your camp during the long rest.

Saving Alfira from one of the most tragic character endings in Baldur’s Gate 3 does not mean saving yourself from murder, however. A Dragonborn named Quil will appear at the camp in Alfira’s stead, asking to tag along. When you wake up, Quil will be your murder victim rather than Alfira. Because Quil does not appear anywhere else in the game, you won’t lose out on any potential story or loot.

Make sure to save your progress in Baldur’s Gate 3 before entering combat. While the second Alfira interaction is supposed to occur early on in your visit to Emerald Grove, you must knock her out the night she’s supposed to arrive at camp. If you knock her out, but Quil doesn’t show up during your next long rest, reload the game, get through the long rest, and repeat until Quil shows up.

Now that you’ve saved Alfira’s life, you can run into her during Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Act 2 in the Last Light Inn. When you talk to her and learn about some Tieflings taken to Moonrise Towers, she’ll give you a quest called “Rescue the Tieflings.” If you save the Tieflings (especially Alfira’s friend Lakrissa), you’ll get the Potent Robe. The Potent Robe is excellent armor for Bards, as it increases cantrip damage and bestows temporary hit points based on your Charisma.

If you have bardic aspirations but still want to play as the Dark Urge, saving Alfira’s life is better than making her your first victim in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • How To Save Alfira In Baldur’s Gate 3

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