Get to Know the Eternals: Marvel’s Newest Heroes

Brace yourselves…there are ten new Marvel heroes, and villains, and we cannot wait to introduce them all to you! Eternals is the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, directed by none other than Academy Award-winning Chloe Zhao.

The Eternals are not humans, yet they are not gods. However, humans often mistake them for gods which is not to their liking. They all have their unique powers, but they are also all skilled warriors with incredible strength, speed, and agility. One thing you should know about the Eternals is that they are mostly immortal, and their bodies, even if destroyed, can live on in other ways. They were sent to Earth, to live amongst humans, by the Celestials to act as spectators to human conflict unless Deviants are involved. The Eternals are obedient, until at one point, they start to question their mission and how they were created.

The Eternals have their similarities with other Marvel characters which have also made a huge bang with their comics and movies. The Avengers are one such group of Marvel superheroes. Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, to mention only a few, have been re-adapted into various industries including getting their own solo movies, their characters being turned into anime, their own video games, and even online casino games such as The Power of Thor Megaways by Pragmatic Play that can be found in the top online gambling sites in Canada.

Sit back, relax – it’s time to introduce The Eternals!


Played by Richard Madden, the Eternals are often led by Ikaris. In some comics, he is often called as the Prime Eternal or the Eternal who rules the rest. His special power is laser-beam eyes. He can also fly at speeds up to 850 miles per hour while also creating illusions.


Played by Lia McHugh, Sprite is the mischievous one and she looks younger than her other Eternal friends. Hey unique power is creating illusions and she is the group’s storyteller. She can also teleport herself when needed.


Played by Gemma Chan, Sersi is at the heart of the Eternals, especially due to the fact that she’s had an on-and-off relationship with Ikaris for centuries. Her special power is matter transmutation.


Played by Brian Tyree Henry, he is the inventor of the group, and he is also the first gay superhero, apart from the few queer suggestive characters such as Loki. His special power is invention and technopathy which makes him incredibly useful since he can conjure up weapons.


Played by Salma Hayek, Ajak is a maternal figure and a spiritual leader. The one who connects the dots and keeps the group aligned. Ajak’s special power is healing, both humans and Eternals.


Thena is played by Angelina Jolie and her name is similar to the Greek goddess of war. Thena is comfortable at battle and she, like Phatos, can conjure weapons with her mind. Her special power is superhuman sparring – she is quick, strong, and reflexive.


Played by Lauren Ridloff, Makkari is the speed runner. In fact, that is her special power, super speed – dashing around the planet like there is no tomorrow! Makkari is the first deaf superhero in the MCU.


Played by Don Lee, Gilgamesh is a fearsome warrior with the power of indomitable strength which makes him indispensable during battles.


Played by Kumail Nanijani, he is the only Eternal that became a film star and did not want to live anonymously among humans. His power is fighting in style, and similar to some film stars, he also has an ego!


Played by Barry Keoghan, Druig is the shadiest Eternal you will ever meet. He is also the most dangerous. His power is mind control, and he can see into humans’ minds and exploit their weaknesses.

There you have it! All you need to know about the Eternal characters!

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