Forspoken: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

Once players beat the expansive story of Forspoken, the open-world of Athia still has a plethora of secrets, rewards, and bosses for players to find.

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Players can still explore the vast open world of Forspoken after the credits roll, using their spells and abilities to finish any side content they may have missed before beating the game. Although a New Game Plus mode does exist as of this time of writing, players can continue their adventure after beating the final boss. With a plethora of in-game events such as Nightmares, the land of Athia still provides opportunities for players to fight various enemies and experience new magic builds through the expansive skill trees for Frey.


During the main narrative of Forspoken, players gain magical spells and abilities tied to four disciplines of the arcana based on certain elements. Frey’s magic, colored purple, ties to the earth, while Silas’s red magic is associated with fire. With Prav’s blue and Ola’s green magic being tied to water and air, respectfully, there are four skill trees tied to each discipline that players might not fully explore before reaching the end of the story. However, the massive number of spells that can be found by rebuilding mana toward a new path remains a quick and simple task for players after overcoming Forspoken‘s main threats.

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Things To Do After Finishing Forspoken

Forspoken Nightmare Event in Game Exploration Featuring The Jabberwock Mini-Boss

Across the open-world map of Forspoken, special events called Nightmares provide a substantial challenge to players who have accumulated enough abilities to combat creatures formed by the Break. With mini-bosses and enemy hordes present in these encounters, players can receive rare items and rewards that they may use for crafting or upgrading their gear further. Large amounts of mana are also gained through these events, as players have to take down large numbers of foes as the environment deteriorates in these chaotic battles.

Side quests and other collectibles exist for Frey to journey toward after the game has finished, providing experience and mana. Special skills tied to Blessing Barns are scattered across Athia, and finding each one of these locations gives players a special trophy/achievement that contributes toward a 100% completion goal. In the same vein, tackling the requirements of every sidequest or finding every collectible presented in Forspoken also brings players closer to other rewards, both through items and trophies.

Other Games To Play After Beating Forspoken

Frey Holland in Forspoken standing on the edge of a cliff looking at the landscape below. Ahead of and below her is a building with a spired tower, a golden Belfry, and a large stone bridge spanning a gorge.

The RPG mechanics of Forspoken may leave players with an itch to try other titles with similar systems or a comparable open world. Players that enjoyed the vast amount of magical freedom and impactful choices may find the Infamous series to their liking, while Horizon Zero Dawn‘s open world would certainly give players that same sense of awe found in Forspoken‘s regions. However, no matter what game players gravitate toward after they beat Forspoken, the things they can still do are exemplified through the depth of magical builds yet to be utilized that are seldom seen in even the most expansive titles.

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    From the team behind Final Fantasy XV comes Forspoken, a new open-world action RPG with a heavy emphasis on magical-oriented combat.  Frey Holland, a woman who is spirited away from her home in New York City, awakens in Athia where she is bestowed with a magical talking cuff that grants her powerful spells and incredible mobility. Together, the two will battle across the mystical world to fight against the tyrannical rulers of Athia and help Frey find her way home. 


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