Dolmen: How to Open the Electrostatic River Door

The Electrostatic River in Dolmen can be difficult to navigate and complete because there are various red orbs that will drain the player’s health.

The Electrostatic River can be accessed after defeating the Ancient Twin boss in Dolmen, but the way to open the door to the next section can be tricky or unclear. This area has a lot of environmental hazards in the form of large red orbs that will quickly drain the player’s health. There are also various enemies to defeat in order to reach the next area and challenge the third boss.

From the beacon in the Electrostatic River section, there will be two enemies to defeat just around the corner. They are both robot-like enemies with mechanical footsteps that alert players to how close they are. The best way to take them out is to lure the melee enemy that’s across the bridge into the small room that leads to the beacon. Ice weapons are the most effective, and the enemy can be defeated with either a gun or melee weapon depending on the player’s build and gear in Dolmen. When a purple orb forms around the enemy, players need to get away before it explodes or they will be temporarily stunned.


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The second enemy uses ranged attacks and is also weak against ice, so players can shoot it from a distance and take cover behind the protruding wall when it shoots. This enemy can also raise a shield that will deflect the player’s bullets until it’s destroyed, so it’s important to constantly be moving. After both enemies are defeated, players can go through the door and keep following the path until reaching the river with red orbs whizzing by.

How To Get Past The Red Orbs & Activate The Terminals In Dolmen

Dolmen How to Open the Electrostatic River Door All Terminals Unlocked

There are a few bug enemies flying around the river,  and they are weak to poison attacks. It should be easy to draw each one in individually with a ranged weapon, even if the player’s build in Dolmen has no ranged buffs. When the area is clear, players can go up the small incline where the terminal is and interact with it. This will open the first pipe, but there are two more to find. Before moving on, the area to the right has a few resources to collect. The shock damage from the river can be avoided by rolling continuously to reach the small islands in the hazardous water. However, players should note this trick won’t work for avoiding damage when coming in contact with one of the red orbs.

The first two orbs spinning in opposite directions can be avoided by waiting for one to pass the starting point, then quickly rolling down the path and veering a little to the left in the water to get past the second one without taking damage. The next room has an orb spinning around the perimeter and a few stone tiles that will fall when stepped on. After the orb passes the entrance, players can quickly roll through the room. The next section is a narrow hall with two orbs following a set path that starts on the ground, then goes up to the ceiling. When the orb starts its path on the ground, players should follow it until it collides with the second orb before going to the ceiling. Instead of continuing forward, there’s a hall to the right that leads to the other terminals.

The next hall has a few red orbs going up and down, as well as one of the game’s blue orbs, which will temporarily drain energy. The blue orb travels down the hall at the end and circles around the bigger room. Going straight leads to another terminal that can be interacted with. There’s also a second path to the left that leads to a metal walkway with the third terminal and a resource to collect. Once the second and third terminals are activated, players can go back down the hallway, then turn right and follow the second orb on the main path until it goes into the ceiling. The next room has another bug enemy and a terminal that explains more of the backstory. Past the terminal, the door leading to the next section can be found on the right. If all three pipe terminals were activated, the door should be open, and players can proceed to the next boss in Dolmen.

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Dolmen is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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