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Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard has viewers in hysterics over contestant’s answer

Ben Shephard desperately tried to hide his laughter as Tipping Point contestant Alice gave a wrong answer when asked a question about moles

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Tipping Point: Ben laughs at player’s answer to moles question

Tipping Point viewers were left in hysterics over host Ben Shephard ’s hilarious reaction to a contestant’s answer.

During Thursday’s edition of the hit ITV show, the 46-year-old presenter dished out the questions to the two female contestants in one of the quiz rounds.

“Which UK political party shares its name with a collective noun for moles?” Ben asked, prompting one of the women, who wasn’t sure about the answer, to pass the question over to fellow contestant Alice.

And it was her wild guess that saw the host desperately try to stifle his laughter.

“For some reason, Liberal Democrats is screaming out to me,” Alice said, as Ben could be seen smirking and looking down at his question cards.

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to share their joy at seeing the host’s hilarious reaction to Alice, who had no idea that the right answer was in fact Labour.

Ben Shephard looked bemused by the contestant’s answer



“I just saw this on TV and I actually cannot stop laughing,,” one wrote, alongside a clip of the funny moment.

“I don’t know how @benshephard holds it together,” another added, as one fan tweeted: “This show is the gift that keeps on giving.”

“Oh it’s just magnificent,” another commented, as one wrote: “Tipping Point today was absolutely golden.”

Alice left Ben stifling giggles as she gave an incorrect answer



It comes just days after viewers were once again treated to a bizarre answer from a contestant, who managed to confuse Smarties with Coronation Street.

Umar joined the other contestants to try and make it through to the final round, and was first off the mark when Ben asked: “Launched in 1937, which brand of round sugar-coated chocolates sweets that come in eight colours -“,

Cut off by Umar, who pressed his buzzer, viewers guffawed when he answered: “Coronation Street?”

It’s not the first time Ben has had to deal with unusual answers from the contestants



He looked shocked and put his hands to his mouth as he exclaimed, “Oh no!” as host Ben took a few seconds to compose himself as he repeated Umar’s answer.

“Coronation Street? It’s typically sold in hexagonal tubes, I was looking for a chocolate covered sweet. Smarties was the answer!” Ben stated.

“It’s quite a good tagline, isn’t it?” the host joked, as he asked Umar if he had meant Quality Street, instead of Coronation Street.

“You said Coronation Street, which is a TV show,” Ben smiled.

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