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The Overtones vow to honour late member Timmy Matley’s legacy in future music

Band members Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw and Darren Everest were devastated when Timmy Matley passed away aged 36 in 2018 and say honouring his legacy is important for their future music

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Overtones remember Timmy Matley

The Overtones have revealed how original member Timmy Matley will continue to influence their future music following his tragic death three years ago.

Band members Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw and Darren Everest were left devastated in 2018 when Timmy died in 2018 at the age of 36 after being diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Earlier this summer, the group released their album titled 10, which was shared three-years after the death of their much-missed bandmate.

Now the group have explained how they plan to build on the music legacy left by Timmy – who was lead singer of the band, and died after falling from an 11th floor apartment in London.

The Overtones are planning to honour original member Timmy Matley with their future music


Brentwood Gazette)

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, 41-year-old Mike said: “This album is about celebrating the legacy of The Overtones, past, present and future.

“After Timmy passed, we wanted to do something for our fans.

“During the grieving process, making music was really important for us. It brought us back together to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

Timmy Matley tragically died in 2018 aged 36


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“It was a goodbye to Timmy, really, and it helped us with the grieving process.”

The Overtones were devastated when their friend died, who they described in a statement following his death as: “our funny, talented, beautiful friend, bandmate and brother.

The band also said Timmy: “was dearly loved and he is deeply missed.”

The Overtones vow to honour late member Timmy Matley's legacy in future music
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A post-humous album featuring vocals of Timmy was released in 2018, eight-months after the Irishman died.

Explaining the release at the time, the band said ahead of the self-titled album’s release: “We started this album with Timmy… Timmy features on the album, you’ll be hearing us as a five for the last time.

“It’s been the most extraordinary thing to do.

“We’ve stuck together like a band of brothers and we’ve recorded the most beautiful album that we’re proud of that our beloved Irish angel friend Timmy Matley would be proud of.”

Following Timmy’s death, and after the departure of member Lachlan Chapman, former X Factor star Jay James Picton, 38, joined the group in June 2019.

Explaining his addition, 40-year-old Darren said: “We met Jay nine years ago when we all performed on the charity record ‘Songs To Save A Life’ for The Samaritans, and our paths continuously crossed over the years.

“When we thought about a new member joining the band he was the first, and only, name that came to mind.

Former X Factor star Jay James joined the band in 2019



“Everything about Jay says ‘Overtone’. He has a classic style and is inspired by the same great artists as we all are.”

Sharing his own excitement about joining the band at the time, JJ wrote online: “I’ve known the boys for many years now & it has always been clear what they were all about – making great, timeless music, putting on incredible shows & enjoying life!

“Over the years that has never changed. Been blessed to support them on a number of occasions, I’ve witnessed the joy they bring & felt the warmth of all you lovely buggers! (best fans I’ve ever met).”

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