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Suki Waterhouse’s Rare Quotes About Robert Pattinson’s Romance

Suki Waterhouse
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Suki Waterhouse is nothing if not subtle when it comes to her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

The couple were first linked in July 2018 and have kept things low-key ever since. Waterhouse even attempted to be under the radar with her onstage pregnancy announcement in November 2023.

“I thought I’d wear something sparkly today because I thought it might distract you from something else that’s going on,” Waterhouse joked, referring to her baby bump while performing at Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City. “I’m not sure if it’s working.”

Pattinson previously made it clear that their privacy is intentional.

“If you let people in, it devalues what love is,” he explained to The Sunday Times in April 2019. “If a stranger on the street asked you about your relationship, you’d think it extremely rude. If you put up a wall it ends up better.”

Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse Dior Tweak

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Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse have been dating on and off since July 2018, but it’s mostly been under the radar — or, perhaps, more accurately, right under our noses. The British pair are tight-lipped about their private life together and, according to Pattinson, that’s by choice. “If you let people in, it devalues what […]

Fans were shocked when Waterhouse and Pattinson finally made their red carpet debut in December 2022, but their appearances together have been few and far between since.

Waterhouse, however, has been more vocal about the relationship in recent years, even releasing music that appears to be inspired by her significant other.

Keep scrolling for all of Waterhouse’s subtle references to her relationship with Pattinson:

The ‘Gossip Girl’ Shade

Waterhouse had no qualms when she called out the Gossip Girl reboot for mocking her relationship in a July 2021 episode.

“When are you going to get it? As far as the press is concerned, he’s R-Patz and you’re Suki Nobody,” one character stated.

Waterhouse responded in a since-deleted tweet. “Seeing critiques of the patriarchy and sexism, then I get name-checked as somebody’s nobody girlfriend,” she wrote. “Make it make sense.”

Suki Waterhouse's Subtle Mentions About Her and Robert Pattinson’s Romance: Songs and Quotes
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Feeling ‘Excited’ by Pattinson

“I’m shocked that I’m so happy with someone for nearly five years,” she told The Sunday Times February 2023. “I’m always incredibly excited when I see his name pop up [on my phone] or even a text, and I think he feels the same about me. We’ve always got so much to say, and I find him hilarious.”

Elsewhere in the same interview, Waterhouse said she and Pattinson try not to spend too long apart, even with their busy schedules.

“I had two days off the other day, and it was like, no question I’m going back to see him,” she shared. “Then he’ll come out for a couple of days.”

Suki Waterhouse Baby Bump Album

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Already an accomplished singer, actress and model, Suki Waterhouse is preparing to take on the role of a parent alongside her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. Waterhouse confirmed in November 2023 that she is expecting her first baby with Pattinson while on stage at the Corona Capital 2023 Music Festival. “I thought I’d wear something sparkly today […]

Waterhouse also name-dropped Pattinson, noting that he’s always there to help her prepare for auditions.

“Rob definitely isn’t getting advice from me about acting, but of course I’ll try and get him to help me with an audition before he falls asleep on the sofa,” she quipped.

Suki Waterhouse's Subtle Mentions About Her and Robert Pattinson’s Romance: Songs and Quotes
Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

‘To Love’

In March 2023, Waterhouse released this song as part of her Milk Teeth EP, proving how much she loves Pattinson. “While the world’s falling apart / You make it so easy to love,” the lyrics read.

“It is a very distinct portrait of my heart right now that I wanted to share,” she said of the song in a statement at the time.

Her ‘Amazing’ Boyfriend

Waterhouse praised the “amazing” Pattinson during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in March 2023.

“He’s an amazing pianist and a really great guitarist,” Waterhouse gushed, joking that Pattinson “wins the annoying competition” about wanting her to listen to his music.

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