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Simon Cowell’s changing face – Pop Idol to Britain’s Got Talent and botox fears

Reality show supremo Simon Cowell admits he “might have gone a bit too far” with botox as we look back at his changing face from the early days of Pop Idol to the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell has been honest about his dabbling in a little botox over the years, but admitted himself he might have gone too far as the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent went to air.

The British TV and music producer returned to our screens in April as the auditions for the ITV reality show aired and loyal fans were quick to point out some noticeable changes to his face.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Simon Cowell looks different but I can’t put my finger on it, has he had some work done?! #BGT,” whilst a second added: “Oh Simon… what’s going on? Doesn’t even look like him anymore! #BGT.”

Cowell previously admitted that he “might have gone a bit too far” with his cosmetic tweaks and joked even his son Eric poked fun at him

Cowell has admitted to having botox since 2008



He has since relaxed the procedures, preferring to rely on a healthy diet and upping his water intake.

The 62-year-old has come along way since he first became a household name twenty years ago on the hugely popular Pop Idol.

The then 41-year-old Simon was best known for his high-waisted trousers and scathing put-downs as he sat on the panel of the singing talent series which launched the careers of Will Young and Gareth Gates.

Pete Waterman, Neil Fox, Nicki Chapman and Simon Cowell in 2003


Thames Television)

Cowell has never admitted to going under the knife but said as far back as 2008 that having Botox was as commonplace as brushing his teeth in the celeb industry.

He told Glamour: “To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste. It works, you do it once a year – who cares?”

In 2019, Simon admitted to having a “21st century face lift” and “too much Botox” before his 60th birthday, saying that they have left him looking like ‘something out of a horror film’.

More recently, he revealed he’d treated himself to a sheep placenta facial, which he described as being “quite out there”.

Wide-eyed and white-toothed, Simon Cowell in 2012



A fuller face in 2012 for Series 2 of The US X Factor


FOX via Getty Images)

Over the years a few of Simon’s co-stars have poked fun at his beauty habits.

David Walliams teased his boss during a 2013 round of Britain’s Got Talent.

Turning to Simon during one audition he asked: “How old are you? You’ve had a lot of work done.”

While former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne said: “His face is so full of filler and Botox it’s like it doesn’t move. At least mine screws up.”

David has teased his boss about his age in the past



The pair are pals behind the scenes



Speaking of his regret at deciding to pump his face with fillers, he said: “Hopefully I look better now – I probably did have a little too much Botox a couple of years ago, because everyone on TV has it. Now I have facials, but nothing too extravagant at the moment.

“I have a girl who comes here and does a great face massage – it’s very relaxing,” he explained.

The Britain’s Got Talent audition stages were filmed in January and February 2022.

Since then, Simon has been seen alongside Modern Family actress Sofía Vergara at the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards, appearing much fresher-faced after revealing he will be stepping back from fillers.

Simon with actress Sofía Vergara at the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards


Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

He told The Sun: “There was a stage where I might have gone a bit too far. I saw a picture of me from ‘before’ the other day, and didn’t recognise it as me first of all.

“Eric (his son) was in hysterics. Enough was enough. There is no filler in my face at all now. Zero.”

Britain’s Got Talent continues tonight at 8pm on ITV.

Has Simon gone too far with fillers? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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