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Shaun’s torch has been extinguished in ‘Survivor SA: Immunity Island’

Following Marisha’s surprise exit in “Survivor SA: Immunity Island”, Chappies couldn’t help but gloat about pulling off such a spectacular blindside.

Nicole, on the other hand, was still in tears over losing her BFF.

And Shaun made it clear that going forth, he will be taking no prisoners.

There was no ignoring the fact that the mood at Osindile’s camp had shifted.

Everyone’s sixth sense was in overdrive. Of course, how could it not be with some alliances on shaky ground?

I have to say, Kiran is playing a damn shrewd game.

He’s careful not to ruffle feathers while, at the same time, staying true to those closest to him.

And that is no easy feat in a game that is in a constant state of flux.

Meanwhile, Santoni, who is without a doubt the weakest link in the game irrespective of whether the challenge is one of physicality or smarts, continued to stir the hornet’s nest.

By now, almost every tribe member is familiar with her two-faced nature. And she never disappoints. Once again, she finds herself in the doghouse with her insecurity making her rub everyone up the wrong way.

It’s astounding that she lasted this long in the game.

The orange team won pizzas and cold beer at the reward challenge. Picture: Supplied

In tonight’s reward challenge, the tribe was divided into two teams: orange and green. One person had to sit out the challenge and, by a stroke of luck, it was Santoni.

But host Nico Panagio gave her the opportunity to play as well by asking her to pick the team she thinks would win and, should she be correct, she will get to enjoy the treat of cheesy pizzas and beer.

The challenge tested both teams ability to balance but it was the orange one that emerged victoriously.

Fortunately for Santoni, she chose them so she joined the feasting. However, I do feel she would always choose any team that Chappies was on. I suspect a little crush there, perhaps?

Wardah’s dance of joy to win a challenge didn’t go unnoticed either.

Shaun’s torch has been extinguished in 'Survivor SA: Immunity Island'
Wardah’s couldn’t help but dance for joy when they won. Picture: Supplied

And while the orange team devoured their pizzas, Santoni, as expected, put her foot in it. She suggested they look for an immunity idol clue. And then bemoaned the fact that she did so.

Renier found a clue, which he shared with the gang.

Amy pointed out that the stakes have been raised as whoever goes to immunity island and chooses to stay and play will have a huge advantage.

In the immunity challenge, which tested the memory of the tribe, Kiran won the individual immunity necklace yet again.

This time, he chose to send Wardah and she stayed true to her alliances agreement.

Ahead of the tribal council, Anesu was feeling unsettled by the cold shoulder she was getting from Tyson.

And the opposing alliances were busy plotting to get the numbers on their side.

Shaun’s torch has been extinguished in 'Survivor SA: Immunity Island'
Anesu was unsettled by Tyson’s indifference towards her. Picture: Supplied

Some people like Anela had to swallow their pride for the greater good.

When Osindile faced Nico, with the rain pelting down and Marisha as the first jury member, Wardah returned a favour and bequeathed Tyson her immunity idol.

The flow of information at camp became a hot potato topic that ended when everyone had to cast their vote.

And it was Shaun who found his torch extinguished.

He said: “I just played the greatest game on earth. Thankfully, it’s not over. I get to be part of the jury and I still get to have one more moment at tribal council.

“Can’t believe I got voted out. Thought I would make it until the end. But I wouldn’t change a bloody thing!”

“Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursday at 8.30pm.

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