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Reshuffles, reunions and second chances were the order of the day in ‘Survivor SA: Immunity Island’

By Debashine Thangevelo Jul 8, 2021

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While mother nature was unforgiving in tonight’s episode of “Survivor SA: Immunity Island”, there was a heart-warming dose of kindness and heroism.

As always, the reality show picked up from the aftermath of the previous two exits.

Shaun wasn’t quite over the insensitivity of some Vuna (orange) tribe members at tribal council. Aside from having to watch them wolf down those delicious boerie rolls, he was annoyed by the fact that they took away Zamba’s (green) machete, leaving them in dire living conditions.

Meanwhile, Santoni found a new nemesis to focus on – Nicole.

At the reward challenge, Zamba and Vuna had to retrieve eight floating puzzle pieces and then solve the puzzle.

And they were playing for a sweet treat, indeed: coffee, creamer, tea and divine pastries.

The gusty winds wreaked havoc on the game, though. And Chappies was saluted for his heroism in not only helping his team members flailing about in the water but for also taking on the herculean task of retrieving three of the puzzle pieces.

Although Zamba lost to Vuna, the winners decided to share their grub. They were even more gracious by returning the machete, too.

That certainly warmed the cockles of Shaun’s heart.

Reshuffles, reunions and second chances were the order of the day in 'Survivor SA: Immunity Island'
The awful weather wreaked havoc on Vuna and Zamba when it came to the reward challenge. Picture: Supplied

At Zamba, Wardah was still frothing at the mouth over her bestie Carla’s exit.

While secretly plotting her revenge, the game shifted in her favour when host Nico Panagio asked them to drop their buffs once again, ahead of the immunity challenge.

As such, Chappies found himself back “home” with Vuna and he couldn’t contain his happiness.

With Vuna safe from tribal council, he could bond with his old and new tribe members. And Amy was elated to be reunited with Renier, too.

With Chappies no longer a viable option for Wardah to vote off, she homes in on his “home boy” – Anela.

That said, Tyson was thrilled to bits to find himself in a new tribe. At Zamba, he used his sway – not to mention another immunity idol – to his advantage.

Santoni was kicking herself silly for not looking for it sooner.

She also found herself in a dilemma: take a leap of faith and trust Tyson about not being voted off or play the hidden immunity idol she has been holding onto at tribal council.

Let’s just say, she went with her gut instinct.

Ahead of the voting, Wardah took aim at Anela.

Reshuffles, reunions and second chances were the order of the day in 'Survivor SA: Immunity Island'
Wardah was not hearing anything Anela had to say at tribal council. Picture: Supplied

But, in the end, it was an unsuspecting Dino who found his torch extinguished.

A bit red faced to have been caught off guard, he said: “‘Survivor’ 100% played me. I definitely dropped the ball. Paranoia got the best of me.”

Although visibly bummed out by the fact that he didn’t play the best game, he can take solace in the fact that he got this far in the game.

“Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursday at 8.30pm.

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