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Other ageless celebrities after Richard Madeley wows viewers with real age

After his appearance on Loose Men on ITV earlier this week, television legend Richard Madeley brought up that he is 65-years-old and this turned out to be a big surprise to many viewers.

The presenter discussed a past tan faux pax from when he was on Good Morning Britain, but many at home just could not get over how young he looked for his age.

One viewer tweeted in disbelief: “How is Richard Madeley 65? He looks better than me and I’m in my 30’s”.

Of course, Richard is not the only face on UK television to surprise us with how young he looks for his age, with many other stars causing a stir for their youthful glow.

Here are a few ageless beauties who have stood out in recent times.

Lenny Henry

Legendary comedian and actor Sir Lenny Henry is a regular on our television screens but fans of Comic Relief were left astounded by his youthful appearance on the charity television show earlier this year.

Sir Lenny Henry wowed viewers with his recent appearance on Comic Relief

Back in March, Lenny displayed his svelte physique and youthful looks as he presented the show, which he first presented and founded back in 1985 with British screenwriter Richard Curtis.

He previously told The Mirror that he lost three stone of weight back in 2014 due to health reasons.

However, fans could not stop themselves from being amazed by Lenny being 62!

One tweeted at the time: “How old is Lenny Henry? Looks about 35”.

Another agreed, commenting: “They say laughing keeps you young. Want proof, look at Lenny Henry, he doesn’t seem to age.”

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Hurley

Another star who is constantly complimented on her ageless beauty is 55-year-old Austin Powers star Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Hurley.

The brunette beauty was even labelled the ‘twin’ of her 19-year-old son Damien by her boy on her birthday last year.

He penned: “happy birthday to my twin!! my partner in crime forever. i love you mama xxxxxx”.

The comments on the actress’ most recent Instagram snaps also acknowledge the star’s enduring beauty, with Elizabeth being a big fan of bikini snaps.

Hollywood star Sharon Stone commented on the recent snap.: “REALLY ?? Gurl u just keep on killing it [flame emojis]”.

Ann Caruso penned: “Great suit, your skin looks flawless!!!”

Finally, one of Liz’s followers added: “Don’t ever tell me there is no fountain of youth! I mean dayum woman [flame emoji’]”.

Martin Kemp

After rising to fame as a member of Spandau Ballet in the 1980s, Martin Kemp found a new legion of fans when he moved into acting, particularly as gangster Steve Owen in EastEnders.

Now Martin is still a regular on our television scenes, appearing in presenting roles and even appeared alongside Richard Madeley in this week’s episode of Loose Men on ITV.

Martin Kemp has been a regular on our television screens for decades
Martin Kemp has been a regular on our television screens for decades

While many focused on Richard’s youthful appearance, 59-year-old Martin himself also has aged very gracefully, even fronting an ITV programme How To Age Well earlier this year.

One tweet noted earlier this year: “Martin Kemp, aka Steve Owen, is on tv discussing mental health. He’s aged very well. The white hair is a look.’

Another noted after his Loose Men appearance: ” #LooseMen Martin kemp always a good looking boy”

Finally, a third concluded: “‘Loose Men’. Martin Kemp is bloody fit”.

Carol Vorderman

National treasure Carol Vorderman, 60, has long been praised for her youthful looks and figure and has been more than open about how she managed to keep that energetic glow.

She tackles her appearance on both the inside and the out, insuring an intake of vitamins A and D, fish oils, calcium, pro-biotics, omega 3, and cider vinegar.

Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman has opened up about her secrets to staying youthful in the past

She has also been frank about receiving boto injections in her neck and around her eyes once a year.

“And I eat well. I cut down on sugar and cut down on carbs long before it became fashionable, and most of the week I drink very little alcohol. Your tolerance goes down after the menopause. Two glasses of wine and I feel it the next day. But I do love to party!” she previously told the Daily Mail.

We cannot wait to see Carol’s next glamorous look at the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain awards.

Gillian Taylforth

Another EastEnders icon, Gillian Taylforth, now 65, was an original cast member on the BBC soap back when it launched in 1985.

Playing the role of long-suffering Kathy Beale until the year 2000, Gillian left the show for new ventures, with the character being killed off-screen in 2006.

EastEnders icon Gillian Taylforth is 'ageless', according to Matt Lucas
EastEnders icon Gillian Taylforth is ‘ageless’, according to Matt Lucas

To viewers’ shock and delight, Kathy made an unexpected comeback in 2014 and fans have been consistently wowed by Gillian’s youthful appearance ever since.

Just last year, Little Britain star Matt Lucas tweeted: “Gillian Taylforth is ageless”.

One Twitter user replied: “I totally agree, Matt – I’m always amazed at Gillian Taylforth’s evergreen appearance and persona over all her years in EastEnders.”

Even more amazingly, Kathy herself was recently revealed to be in her 70s in the soap itself so Gillian is playing someone even older.

Tell us your secrets, Gillian!

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