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Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin admits she has not seen finale episode

More than 15 million people have now watched it – but Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin has admitted she still hasn’t seen the show’s finale.

The actress, DCI Patricia Carmichael in the BBC drama, missed the episode in which criminal mastermind ‘H’ was unmasked as DS Ian Buckells played by Nigel Boyle.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, Anna said: “I’ve always been away filming and my TV in my hotel doesn’t work. I’ve still not talked to reception. I’m like ‘oh I feel bad’.

“My friends were quite mixed, some loved the ending, because they felt it was open for new stuff. I liked that it was Nigel.”

Anna, 44, revealed, despite Line of Duty’s popularity, she still doesn’t get recognised often.

Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin has not seen the show’s finale episode

She said: “I ‘don’t really get recognised a lot. There must be something about my face that’s rubbery and it morphs into the background.

“And also, they help you out a lot, hair and make-up – maybe I look so haggy and baggy in real life that people just can’t tell.”

The final episode was the most watched drama episode in 20 years. It had a peak of 13.1 million viewers with millions watching since.

Line of Duty fans have been left wondering if the show will ever return, with no announcement – as to whether there will be a series seven – popping up after the finale.

While previous series’ have ended with a confirmation that there will be another, series six had no such thing, leaving some fans convinced the show is over for good.

The only hint at the end credits revealed AC-12’s power is now “weaker than ever”.

But with questions still remaining about the OCG and some of the officers at the top of the police force, others are certain there will be a series seven.

Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin admits she has not seen finale episode
The last episode surprised fans when “H” was unmasked

So far, the cast have remained tight-lipped and insisted they do not know whether or not there will be another series.

Martin Compston, who plays DS Steve Arnott, revealed: “The genuine answer is we don’t know, but that’s nothing different.

“Every series, Jed takes a couple of months off after it and there’s stuff that’s way above my pay grade in terms of the data and analytics that comes in.

“There’s all this stuff now with 28-day figures because you’ve got streaming and so on. He likes to sit down in the cold light of day, take the emotion out of it and look at it then.

Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin admits she has not seen finale episode
It is not clear if AC-12 will be returning for another series

“I will say for sure that we won’t come back just for the sake of it. We’ll only come back if he believes there’s a story to be told and there’s more legs in it,” he added, on the BBC’s The Afternoon Show podcast.

“There’s also a question now of legacy. You know, if it does wrap up, great, do you want to go out with a bang?

“But all that stuff will come into play and I’d say in a couple of months time we’ll take a decision.”

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