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Lady Zamar shares some relationship advice

By Jamal Grootboom 1h ago

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Local songstress Lady Zamar was in a piece of advice sharing mood recently and gave tips for people who wanted to get into a romantic relationship.

Kicking off her advice spree on Sunday, she explained that social media consumption can affect your views on love, kindness and understanding.

“Social media teaches limitations on love, kindness and understanding.. it teaches forgiveness isn’t real and if you forgive you will be disrespected.. the Bible teaches the exact opposite, love is unconditional, forgive someone as many times as they ask and never stop being kind!”

She went on to say that taking relationship advice from people on social media was a sure-fire way to set up your relationship to fail.

Furthermore, the “Collide” star continued sharing a list of self-care steps that can be introspectively followed, and applied to your partner.

“1. prioritise you 2. respect you 3. be proud of you 4. take care of you 5. be accountable to you 6. tell yourself the truth 7. love yourself unconditionally 8. forgive yourself 9. be happy with you 10. be loyal to you.”

Lady Zamar picked off where she left off on Tuesday and shared how to be in a fulfilling relationship without fear or judgement.

Additionally, she stated that you should “get comfortable with the truth; telling it and living it… lies make poor bed fellows, crazy companions and miserable mates!”

Ending off her relationship advice session on Wednesday she gave her final thoughts and said: “My opinion: takes two people to build a relationship, not just a guy or just the girl.. y’all need to stop fantasising relationships.. no one knows what you’re thinking and no one is sacrificing everything for you if you aren’t willing to equally do the same! 100% + 100% = 100%”

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