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Lady Zamar: ‘Jabulani raped me’

By Entertainment Reporter Aug 28, 2020

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Local songstress Lady Zamar has given her side of the story regarding the rape charge she laid against Jabulani ’Sjava’ Hadebe.

Taking to Instagram Live on Thursday, the “Collide“ singer detailed her side of the story regarding her relationship with Sjava.

During her IG live, Zamar explained that on August 15, 2017 she had a bilateral breast reduction for personal reasons. She mentioned that Sjava and a friend of his visited her in hospital when she came out of surgery.

She detailed how their initial interactions were not sexual in nature when they met up at an event a couple of months later. She then said the next morning Sjava invited her to his hotel room and they ended up making out.

“That morning, we were making out. It’s just kissing. He had invited me to his hotel room.

“And while this is happening; suddenly, this person starts taking off my clothes. And he raped me. I couldn’t fight because I was in stitches.”

The songbird further explained that she was bleeding because she was still recovering from her operation.

“And that’s what happened, he raped me. I hated him. And at that moment, I was afraid of him. I didn’t stop being afraid of him. Till today just the thought of him terrifies me.”

“Jabulani raped me. I did not give him consent. I told him to stop…. and that’s how I ended up in a relationship with him,” said Lady Zamar.

She added: “I couldn’t fight him off because he’s huge, he’s massive. I was bandaged, I was stuffed with pain killers.”

House music sensation, Lady Zamar for the first time shared the horrific details of how her former love, actor and multi-award winning singer Sjava had allegedly raped her in 2017.

According to the singer, her former lover allegedly raped her before the relationship had even begun and because she was fearful of him, she continued to date him.

She went on to explain that she endured other forms of abuse, including verbal abuse and intimidation.

The “My Baby” hitmaker filed a rape case against him in 2019.

“A lot of people say things like, how could you continue dating a person that had raped you. So I just wanted to just set the record straight today because I’m really exhausted with all the lies,” said the singer.

She continued: “We never spoke. We never hung out. We ended up breaking up because at that moment when he raped me, to me it was like the most confusing thing like what do I do now…am I with this person, am I not?” explained the singer.

“If you’ve ever been in a situation like that you don’t know how to classify because no one’s ever violated me before. Every person I have had intimate relations with has been consensual, we have had the conversation. And when we parted ways peacefully,” said Lady Zamar.

The singer also added that she has a lot to lose, which is why she would not lie about the incident.

“I have more to lose because I’m a black woman. I wouldn’t come up with something that could destroy my career, it was up to me. I wouldn’t have told anybody but it was no longer up to me.”

This comes after Sjava had broken his silence on Wednesday in a lengthy video clip that he shared on his Instagram page, where the star denies ever raping the singer.

Sjava also confirmed in his statement this week that he also filed a case of defamation against Lady Zamar.

The pair have been mum about the two pending cases until now.

Sjava expressed how the rape allegations put a halt on his career, stating that he has lost gigs, sponsors and endorsements because no one wants to work with an alleged rapist and abuser. He said his reputation has been tainted.

SABC has recently terminated his contract with “Uzalo”, the number one soapie in Mzansi.

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