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Kate Garraway enjoys first night out with her kids since husband Derek fell ill

Kate Garraway has enjoyed her first night out with her two children since husband Derek fell seriously ill with Covid more than a year ago.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 54, documented the “wonderful” evening with her offspring in a sweet post on social media, in which she said that they had visited the theatre.

The trio watched the Wonderville illusion show at the Palace Theatre, and Kate heartbreakingly revealed that they were all due to see a magic show when husband Derek was rushed into hospital in March last year, at the beginning of the deadly pandemic.

“Well this was a moment – the first time the kids & I have been out to ‘something’ other than school or work since Derek got sick,” Kate wrote alongside a photo of her with Darcey and William in the theatre, wearing face masks.

Kate Garraway enjoyed her first night out with kids in over a year after caring for her seriously-ill husband Derek, who contacted Covid last month

“It was a magic show we were supposed to be heading to when he was rushed into hospital – and we felt strange that we were going out to one when he isn’t ready to – YET,” she added hopefully.

“But it was so wonderful to see Darcey and Billy enthralled and mystified and enraptured – the magic of life returning. And I know that’s what Derek wants too.”

Kate confessed that the bright lights of central London were slightly overwhelming for her children – and left her feeling “disorientated” – but she was overjoyed to be getting back to some kind of normality after the last 15 months, which have taken a huge toll on her family.

Derek Draper pictured in his hospital bed, from Kate Garraway's documentary Finding Derek
Derek Draper pictured in his hospital bed, from Kate Garraway’s documentary Finding Derek

“It was unnerving to be with so many people after so long and the kids were wide eyed and more than a little disorientated to be in the centre of London with all the buzz but excited too. I couldn’t believe my eyes welled up at the spirit and celebration and pure joy of the performers getting the chance to entertain again,” she continued.

Former political adviser and lobbyist Derek was admitted to intensive care in March last year after catching Covid during the first deadly wave of the global health crisis, and was placed in an induced coma due to his critical condition.

Derek has been seriously ill since March last year
Derek has been seriously ill since March last year

Derek was finally released from hospital in March this year, and returned home to Kate, Darcey and Billy, but he still requires round-the-clock care from a specialist team of NHS nurses.

Kate’s former GMB co-host Piers Morgan recently spoke about Derek’s health in his column for the Mail on Sunday, and candidly revealed that the 53-year-old is “still effectively in a coma.”

“Derek is back home under 24/7 nursing care but is still effectively in a coma despite occasional hopeful glimmers of cognisant response,” Piers wrote.

“But honestly, people don’t know the half of it,” he sadly added.

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