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GMB’s Dr Amir Khan calls police for help after vile trolls death threats

Good Morning Britain’s medical expert had to contact the police due to vile threats after his positive stance about the coronavirus vaccine

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Dr Amir Khan urges Love Island to vaccinate contestants in villa

Dr Amir Khan has revealed he has been subjected to horrifying death threats from online trolls which have left him having to contact the police.

The medical expert is a regular guest on ITV shows such as Lorraine and Good Morning Britain and over recent months has had a positive stance on the importance of having the coronavirus vaccine.

The Bradford-based GP has disclosed the news that he has been the victim of online trolling over the past 18 months, something he believes is due to his pro-vaccine stance.

“Some really personal attacks. Just the other day someone sent me a DM on Instagram telling me that they’re going to ‘kill me’ or ‘it won’t be safe to leave my house’, the doctor told the Daily Star.

The ITV doctor has been subjected to vile abuse over the past year

“I have reported all this stuff to the police.”

Dr Amir continued, explaining that the vile messages began at the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year and at first left him suffering from “sleepless nights”.

“I’d be out for food with my friends and I couldn’t think of anything other than these awful message I’d been getting,” the TV personality added.

The medical professional, who has worked for the NHS for over 17 years, believes the abuse comes from people who are “victims of misinformation” and have fallen down a “rabbit hole” of conspiracy theories.

The medical professional started receiving abusive messages in 2020

However, the ITV star pointed out that it is no excuse to get “very personal” and threaten him.

“Everybody has the choice to get the vaccine or not. If you don’t take it, that’s your choice. Don’t threaten me with violence or death because I think different to you,” he stated.

In data released this week, it was reported that currently over 85 million doses of the lifesaving coronavirus vaccine have been given out, with 58.3% of the population of the UK fully vaccinated against the deadly disease.

Over half the UK population has been double vaccinated



However, why the majority of the country have flocked to get both jabs, a large section of society have developed anti-vax views since the start of the pandemic, something many believe is due to fake news sites and conspiracy theories.

Speaking anonymously to Newyddion S4C, one Cardiff woman has pleaded for fake news sites to be shut down as her parents have fallen victim to believing false information online.

“Their version of reality now is that everyone who gets the vaccine will die in the autumn or if we don’t die… at best, we will all have auto-immune diseases,” she confessed.

Together with measures to stop viruses spreading – like social distancing – vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and loved ones from Covid-19.

If you, or someone you know is worried about taking the Covid vaccine, join the conversation, seek reliable sources and learn the facts from medical professionals.

The Covid vaccines:

  • Save lives
  • Protect the whole community
  • Have met the strictest safety standards
  • Have had a huge global effort behind them

There are no human or animal products, including egg, in any of the Covid-19 vaccine ingredient lists.

There is no evidence to suggest the Covid-19 vaccines affect fertility.

For more information, visit the British Red Cross website.

“Obviously as parents they don’t want that to be true but that’s what they believe.”

While Dr Amir is sympathetic towards these type of people, he finds it a “step too far” to threaten his life.

“Most of these people are victims of misinformation. The’ve gone down a rabbit hole and got involved with this community of people who are really not informed,” he stated to the Daily Star.

“However, when they get very personal that’s when it’s gone to a step too far.”

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