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Corrie’s Scott Wright shed 3.5 stone after gaining ‘dad-bod’ during lockdown

The TV star – who played Sam ‘The Masked Python’ Kingston on the ITV soap between 2000 and 2002 – has shared his weight loss tips after ballooning to over 16 st during lockdown

Coronation Street star Scott Wright has showcased an incredible 3.5 stone weight loss

Coronation Street star Scott Wright has explained how he successfully got back in shape after mental health struggles lead him to gain weight during lockdown.

The 46-year-old soap star hit a low point over the past year and a half when his acting and music work ground to a halt due to lockdown.

Scott – who has struggled with his weight in the past – piled on weight as he sat around at home drinking alcohol and eating high fat foods with his weight ballooning to 16 stone and 4lbs, and his waist expanding to 44 inches.

However, following a strict diet and exercise plan – as well as quitting booze – Scott has managed to whip himself back into shape, managed too lose over 3 stone, and now has a positive outlook on life and job offers finally coming his way.

Scott saw his weight balloon in lockdown as he battled mental health struggles


G Herbal/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

He explained to Cavendish Press: “When lockdown first came in back in March 2020 my whole life was put on hold. Two massive TV roles were cancelled and all my regular live music and appearance work went too. I had zero income and was really stressed about my finances.

“Like most people at the time I thought it would just take a few weeks, but then it became months and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

“I was alone in my apartment most days just watching the pandemic on the news getting more and more depressed.”

Scott lost an impressive 3.5 stone after kicking out alcohol and fattening foods and increasing his exercise


G Herbal/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Opening up about how his mental health suffered, Scott continued: “My anxiety went through the roof, I was worrying about how I could pay my bills, and I couldn’t sleep whatsoever.

“In the evenings I would drink a bottle of wine just to try to knock myself out. I started taking sleep pills and I was having dark thoughts, so I took some anti-depressants but one of their side effects is that it boosts your appetite, so I ended up comfort eating all day.”

Scott says he got a wake-up call when he saw a photograph taken by a family member which made him realise how much he had changed for the worst during lockdown.

Scott said he gained weight during lockdown after turning to alcohol and high fat foods as work dried up


G Herbal/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

He said: “Before the pandemic I had a busy work and social life but in 2020 I pretty much became a recluse, I would be on my own for at least four days a week, I dropped out of contact with friends and turned off all social media.

“There was then a picture I saw from a family get-together and my face was bloated, my eyes puffy I had a double chin and looked about ten years older.

“I knew I had to quit the booze completely if I was going to get a result, but also, I had the added nightmare of getting off sleeping pills and anti-depressants.”

Scott has credited using supplements from a company called G Herbal for helping him get back in shape.

Explaining how tough his first few weeks of his new booze and sleeping pill free life were, he went on: “The first two weeks were hell, and it took about 3-4 weeks for the G Herbal supplements to kick in to make things better.

“I took two G Herbal BLISS tablets in the evening so I could sleep, and in the morning the G Herbal BODY supplement for extra energy to do a workout, and their WEIGHT supplement after a meal to help digestion and reduce bloating.

“After a month or so, I started to get four hours sleep, then six hours, and now I pretty much get a full eight hours sleep. Sleeping is the most important thing, if you’re not sleeping properly, it’s almost impossible to get in shape as you won’t have the energy or the will to exercise.”

Scott also shared his top tips for others who are struggling to burn off excess weight following lockdown.

Scott has been sharing photos of his slimmer figure on Instagram



He said: “When you are approaching 50 you’ve got to do some exercise every day to keep your metabolism going so you are burning fat. I would have one day off a week though, usually Sunday.

“Within two months friends started to see a difference and that spurred me on to do even better. I hit my target weight in just under five months and now I intend to maintain my current level.

“I’m really proud of myself and my appearance for the first time in a long time, my confidence is restored and I’m starting to get acting offers again, so it really has been a win-win situation.”

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Since turning his life around, Scott says he has lost 50lbs (or 22kg) in five months and has seen his waistline decrease from 44 inches back to 32 inches.

While he has also won funding to get a film project he wrote himself off the ground.

He said: “Things are really coming back again and it’s really exciting, the film project is really exciting and I’m doing live music performances again, but there’s no way I would have had job offers for leading man roles if I was over 16 stone.”

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