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Christine Lampard opens up on daughter’s adorable bond with new brother Freddie

Christine Lampard says her daughter Patricia is singing lullabies to her new brother Freddie and that she has found a “good balance” parenting with husband Frank.

The television presenter, 42, who has regularly appeared on ITV’s Lorraine since 2017, will return from August 2 to 31 while regular host Lorraine Kelly is on her summer break.

She welcomed her son, Freddie, with her husband and former Chelsea football manager Frank Lampard in March.

Asked how she is coping now she has two children and preparing to return to work this Summer, Christine said: “I’m very excited, probably nervous as well, but I’m nervous anyway.

Christine Lampard

“I visited the other day and I was asked if I wanted a cup of coffee and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I would love a coffee!’ It was a real treat, and to get my hair and make-up done.

“Considering I’ve hardly washed my hair for three months! It was really lovely, all those simple things.

“Freddie is sleeping okay at the minute. Just keeping them both occupied is sometimes tricky. Now things are opening up again, it’s lovely just to be able to go and get a cup of tea somewhere, to break the day up. It’s full on – you think you’ve dealt with one and another one has a moan. You’re flip flopping between the two all day, but they’re very good. They’re actually great fun.

“Patricia is very funny, she’s at that toddler stage where everything she says is just really funny. We giggle a lot with them which is a nice thing and she’s got an answer for everything!

She gave birth to a son in March
She gave birth to a son in March

“I don’t know where they pick up these words from? Yesterday we were having our dinner and she said, ‘Mummy this is awesome!’ I never say awesome, she’s got it off the telly obviously. And she really meant it, she had it in the perfect context and everything.

“I thought, ‘This is it now. This is the stage where they start really soaking everything up!’ They make us smile on a daily basis right now.

“Patricia does enjoy being a big sister, there’s lots of singing of lullabies and she sort of throws toys at Freddie because she thinks she wants to help him. She’s really taken to it well.”

Husband Frank was managing Chelsea when Christine announced she was pregnant but he left the club at the end of January meaning he could be very hands in terms of helping.

The TV star has two gorgeous children
The TV star has two gorgeous children

As well as Freddie and Patricia, he also has daughters 15-year-old Luna and 13-year-old Isla from a previous relationship.

On what he is like as a dad, Christine said: “He’s very, very good – he’s brilliant. He loves telling stories so he’s been doing bedtime stories with Patricia. He’s great at doing the active stuff like, ‘Let’s get a ball and kick a ball around’ and I’m doing all of the other stuff. It’s a good balance between the both of us. It’s a lovely thing to watch, him and Patricia having a giggle over football. It’s been really, really nice having him at home.”

She describes Freddie, born in March, as chilled but thinks that could also be because she is more relaxed the second time around.

Christine said: “He seems really quite chilled and I wonder whether that’s just naturally a case of him knowing that he has to be because you can’t pour 100% of your time into the second one, because the first one’s running around, hungry, needs to go for a wee… Suddenly, you’re like, ‘You have to wait a minute’ and I think that makes them go, ‘Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll wait.’ And he’s a bit like that with his personality so far, so hopefully that stays. I know it could change, but certainly at the moment he is slightly more chilled and I think that’s because I am.”

The presenter, who also appears on Loose Women and has hosted This Morning, said she has been watching ITV’s daytime programmes every day as part of her maternity routine.

She added: “I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting at home and watching them all.

Christine and her husband Frank
Christine and her husband Frank

“It’s nice when you know the people on the telly, it’s like you’ve got your mates in the living room with you.

“I find it quite soothing, it’s like I’ve got constant adult company.”

The last time Lampard presented the show all guest interviews had to be conducted via Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions and she said she is looking forward to conducting interviews in the studio.

She said: “It’ll be lovely, you can work with guests much better and get a sense of what their mood is when they’re in the room with you.

“I love being able to have little chats with them beforehand, particularly if it’s not a celebrity and a member of the public who hasn’t done a TV interview before.

“It’s quite daunting for them and I like to be able to spend a little bit of time with them beforehand, so they’re comfortable.

“So all of those lovely aspects to it, I’m so happy that those aspects are coming back. It’ll feel a bit more real”.

*Lorraine is on weekdays from 9am on ITV and ITV Hub. Christine will host from August 2 to 31.

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