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Chrissy Teigen accused of cyber-bullying Courtney Stodden a decade ago

By Alyssia Birjalal 22m ago

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Chrissy Teigen has always had a reputation of being spicy on social media platforms- trolling just as hard as she gets trolled.

However a decade later, the multifaceted star is being called-out by model and singer, Courtney Stodden for being a “stalker” on Twitter.

In a vivid video posted on Daily Mail, Stodden says that Teigen “stalked“, ”harassed“ and ”slut-shamed“ her on social media when she was just a minor – 16 and 17 years old.

26 year old Stodden – who last month came out as non-binary, made the claim in an interview with The Daily Beast earlier this week.

Stodden’s memories have resurfaced after beginning a process of writing a book about her life that also includes marrying “Green Mile” actor Doug Hutchison, who was 51 at the time. The two are now divorced.

“I’m going through a lot right now behind closed doors and coming to a lot of revelations about the choices that I made, but also the choices the adults around me made when I was a minor and got married.

“But what really is bothering me too that I think I need to discuss is ”so-called“ celebrity bullying,” said Stodden in the video.

She said she had been abused almost daily by her then husband who was an alcoholic – but on top of that celebrities bullied and slut-shamed.

“This video is definitely calling out Chrissy Teigen. She stalked me, she harassed me, she bullied me and keep in mind I was a minor. When you have a platform like Chrissy’s, booking a 16/17 year old girl, it sticks with you, and I’m realising how much Chrissy Teigen affected me,” said the singer.

Some of the things Teigen is accused of saying to Stodden include calling her a “whore”, “slut” and telling Stodden that she “hated” her.

“Every name in the book she called me. I just wish as an adult woman she would have seen that she shouldn’t hate on anybody, and a damaged teenage girl,” she said.

Stodden also called out American host Anderson Cooper who she said would make fun of her every single night on the “RidicuList”.

“It’s just hurtful, I’m going through this process while writing this book but I also had celebrities like Chrissy and Anderson Cooper amongst so many others that’s going to be revealed in my book. But I am processing this right now and it is wrong,” she ended.

Messages of support filled her latest Instagram post.

“Just read the Daily Mail interview and I applaud you so much for clearly doing the work and getting to the route of your trauma. It’s so eye opening on the other side of it, isn’t it? Love and light your way,” said a fan.

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