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Brad Pitt and Fan Collections Update: By Kelli Christina

I would like to encourage fans to give ZERO money to any celebrities and/or fan collections until systems are fixed in the future.

Regarding litigation going against Brad Pitt and Make It Right foundation last year in Texas, then I find myself forced to respond again due to multiple lies, fake news and misinformation coming back to me once more. Although some people will complain that the media reports all lies and fake news then I might have to challenge people with the individuals that hand the lies to the media. Lies always stem from sources and it goes both ways. I am a big believer in “the truth prevails” given enough time. There has been a series of lies fed to the media regarding Brad Pitt and I appreciate the “heads up” and honesty with some media connections. Most recently it had been reported, members representing Brad Pitt began telling the media that “Brad Pitt paid my company back the refund of $40K” and I would like to call this out as a huge and embarrassing LIE. Lies, sneaky plans and pay offs are all questionable issues regarding this case matter. Brad was offered in December 2020 the opportunity to waive financial damages in return for written cooperation on fixing his fan collections and an apology towards me personally and people effected in Texas. This celebrity refused everything in the matter of “doing the right things” for people while he ignored issues a couple years for his fans. In the matter of public relations, Brad Pitt current day will be doing nothing. So, representatives of Brad Pitt going around telling the media that Brad paid back the money is a huge embarrassing joke.

I am wondering if other people in this country are sick and tired of repeated lies, conn jobs and manipulation floating around in society? Will qualities like honesty, integrity and doing the right things ever come back in style? I would like to remind and encourage fans to hit immediate “delete” on any celebrity reaching out to you via social media, all video chats, phone lines or emails; certainly give “zero” money while celebrity networks and fan collections remain dangerous and abusive towards fans. Until the media can report systems being fixed and celebrities cooperating towards fixing fan collections in this country, please immediately hit “delete.” There have been more recent celebrity lawsuits over the same issues coming out this year.

In the matter of the Brad Pitt lawsuit, this celebrity and his organizations ignored repeated direct communication a couple years with lot of people currently questioning “why?” I spent a couple years of time researching and investigating fan collections and celebrity networks in this country with a cause and purpose. The cause was “let’s fix the problems for celebrities and fans.” Brad Pitt’s attorneys were handed proposed solutions last summer 2020 requesting cooperation with fan collection clean up. As of January 2021, new Brad Pitt sites were being built for fresh fan victims after litigation last year. The proposed solutions were all ignored. This case matter remains with government officials and authorities in proper channels via Texas and California. Although Brad Pitt got my money and support, then there is a line up on other celebrities with hundreds of fake accounts operating as dangerously as the Brad Pitt fan collections. I will not call out other celebrities, but I have the reports. In the matter of the Brad Pitt fans, then it is incredibly sad that I have victim stories on my desk from the fans that got abused and their money stolen and too embarrassed to speak up. They thank me personally for taking a stand. We have an anonymous media member that was victimized by the same Brad Pitt network with emotional damages and money stolen. Also, I have screen shots off the Brad Pitt Instagram accounts carrying millions of fans; these sites take complaints all day and weeklong on fans getting their money stolen and yet nobody helps them. Who helps the fan victims?

I would like to thank the Texas government officials that took matters seriously in 2019 and started this celebrity project with new internet laws and Hollywood laws coming for the future. We are requesting celebrity cooperation with proposed solutions. The celebrity cooperation while considering fans and their hearts is a tough challenge. I hope that we can eliminate lies and cover ups because these plans tend to backfire. From a legal perspective, I never bring an argument to the table without proof, evidence, documentation, and investigations.  What is the point?

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