‘Black Sheer Pantyhose’ Nails Are the Sexiest Manicure Option for Valentine’s Day

Black sheer pantyhose nails are emerging as a grown-up, sexy French-girl manicure option that also kicks up the cool factor a notch. Alert the Internet: There’s finally a new spin on Valentine’s Day nail art that doesn’t involve candy pink or heart motifs. 

New nail trends have been coming through thick and fast since the beginning of 2023, leaving us ricocheting between options like vanilla French nails, unicorn nails, and lipgloss nails. So what exactly are “black sheer pantyhose” nails?

The term and technique were coined by Betina Goldstein, the same talented nail artist who brought us the viral eyeball manicure with 3D eyelashes. This look, however, couldn’t be more different. Take a look:

In the Instagram post, Betina details how she applied one coat of Chanel polish in Ballerina to all the nails before letting them fully dry. One of Chanel’s best-selling nail color shades, Ballerina is renowned for making the nail look almost naked save for a next-level healthy sheen.

She then mixed a couple of drops of CND Black Pool nail polish into a base coat. While it sounds scary, the black polish actually pulls off a brilliant vanishing act when diluted and applied in two even coats over the top. 

As its moniker implies, the finish is sheer and barely there, like opaque tights over bare legs. (See what we mean by sexy?)

For the finishing touch, Betina says she used the “@doublemoss_arte Arte 3 brush and @cndworld black pool to trace the free-edge of my nails.” Allow to completely dry before applying your top coat.

Our first impression: Black sheer pantyhose nails are refined, elegant, and an innovative twist on a nude nail. Could this also be an elevated manifestation of gothic black French nails? That, in a nutshell, is the beauty of this nail look—it sits somewhere in between. By using a “vanilla girl” shade of nail polish, it’s delicate enough to pair with a little black dress but also looks a teeny bit subversive.

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