Big Brother: 10 First Boots Who Did Not Deserve To Go Home

Big Brother recently finished its 24th season and there have been a lot of new entries into the Big Brother history books. For example, Taylor is the latest winner and Michael is the newest competition beast. Among these classifications, there is one that no Big Brother player would ever want to fall under: the first one evicted.

The first evicted houseguests are always in the house for the shortest amount of time and are extremely forgettable. However, a few first boots did not deserve to be the inaugural houseguests eliminated in their seasons. Sometimes a twist screws their chances, or they simply align with the wrong people.


Parker Somerville

Big Brother 9 is a blemish on the show’s history since fans often refer to it as one of the worst seasons ever. The season’s trajectory could have played out differently if Parker was not the first one to leave.

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Parker and his partner Jen were the first to leave the house by an official vote this season. But they were only evicted since Jen came into the house with a pre-existing relationship. So Parker did nothing wrong and was evicted simply because his partner had a boyfriend in the house. Parker showed lots of potential in his short time, and it’s impossible to say he would have won the season, but he definitely should have made it farther than first evicted.

Annie Whittington

Annie Whittington smiling for the camera in Big Brother

Annie came into the Big Brother House with a special task no one ever had before; she was the saboteur. Her mission was to complete tasks and not get caught. However, she was evicted in week one simply because she was close with a showmance.

It was a very stupid mistake by the house to evict Annie over Rachel in the first week. Rachel went on to win multiple HOHs. There was some suspicion Annie was the saboteur, but Rachel was obviously the bigger threat since she was in a showmance. Annie gave the viewers just a peek at her strategic ability, as she seemed capable of making this happen inside the house. It was just an unfortunate circumstance that she was the next best person to leave, as Annie is known as one of the biggest flameouts in Big Brother history.

Keith Henderson

Keith promo shoot for Big Brother 13

Keith was a part of one of the worst alliances in the history of Big Brother: The Regulators, and was the first evicted houseguest on Big Brother 13. He should have stayed, however, since the new players wanted to target the veterans.

When the first eight houseguests entered, they all agreed to target any returning players. After Rachel won the first HOH however, the newbies got frightened and shifted to the veteran’s side. Keith was their strongest member so the fact they decided to vote him out just because the veterans said so was a horrible game move. He was vocal about targeting the veterans, so if he stayed, perhaps they do not dominate the season as much.

Jodi Rollins

Big Brother's Jodi

Jodi joined Big Brother 14 hoping she could make her mark and become a legendary player. Instead, because of a stupid twist, she stayed about six hours in the house until Dan cast the sole vote to evict her.

Jodi is one of the unluckiest contestants ever in the history of Big Brother. Fans will forever be up in arms about her treatment on the show. She got so screwed by a stupid twist and did not even get to play. She was only voted off because the only competition they played was not suited for her. It will forever be unfair how Jodi’s fate in the game was decided on a single competition when houseguests fail at competitions all the time.

Glenn Garcia

Glenn Garcia in Big Brother

Glenn was on Big Brother 18 and unfortunately never truly got to play the game. Big Brother implemented the team’s twist again, so Glenn lost every competition and was eliminated from the game.

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Twists like this are terrible. If it was a normal week and Glenn is terrible at Big Brother then he should be voted out. But to not even give him a true chance? It really was an injustice, as fans work so hard to get on the show, and he lost a few competitions and was out. He did not get to play a social game or strategize at all.

Cameron Heard

Cameron from Big Brother

Cameron is another member of the night one evictee club as he did not make it one day on Big Brother 19. His eviction was so stupid and extremely orchestrated by the producers.

Cameron was evicted because Paul entered the house. The reason they entered the house is that someone took a cash prize. Big Brother knew someone was going to take the money, so Paul would enter the game and switch spots with someone, who happened to be Cameron. If they wanted to have Paul on another season so bad, they should have just added them to the cast instead of screwing Cameron over. Every first-night evictee never really played the game, so he should have never been evicted on night one. Cameron’s situation is one reason why Big Brother 19 might be the worst season ever.

Steve Arienta

Steve promotional shoot for Big Brother 20

Steve was on the divided Big Brother 20. Unfortunately for him, however, he was aligned with the wrong side of the house. He thought he was safe, but his vote would be the first of many his side of the house screwed up.

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Older houseguests sometimes do not get the best reputation, but Steve proved that particular stigma wrong. He was well-liked and did not alienate himself. He found himself on the block, however, but he had the numbers to stay. Until Kaitlyn, who was on his side of the house, got manipulated by Tyler to vote out Steve. Much to Steve’s chagrin, this season continued the pattern of older houseguests not being involved much in the game.

David Alexander

David Alexander on Big Brother

David was on Big Brother 21 and was a part of a twist that put his game at risk immediately after coming into the house. He was picked by Michie to play in a competition for his life in the game, and he lost.

Like many others, David did not have a chance to play real Big Brother. The whole time he was in survival mode trying to win a competition to stay in the house. He did, physically, stay in the house after his eviction due to Camp Comeback, but it is nowhere near the same as actually playing a real Big Brother social game. However, fans did see on Big Brother 22 that David does not have the best game strategy, so if David did not go first this season, he could have gone soon after.

Keesha Smith

Keesha being evicted on Big Brother

Keesha made it to the final four on Big Brother 10, but she was the first evictee on Big Brother 22. Cody’s reason for targeting Keesha in the first week was pretty ridiculous.

Cody nominated Keesha and wanted her gone simply because he knew her the least. This was a pretty outrageous reason to go after someone when there is a whole house filled with all-stars. He could have targeted Ian or Nicole since they had won already. Or David because he was already a first boot in Big Brother 21. Cody outrageously let everyone else slide and robbed the viewer of seeing Keesha play modern Big Brother.

Travis Long

Travis talking to Julie on Big Brother

Travis is a very forgettable face in Big Brother history, as he was the first one gone in Big Brother 23. He was evicted as a victim of circumstance.

Travis was a victim of Frenchie’s horrible HOH reign. Travis was promised safety, so he thought he was fine. However, every target Frenchie had on his radar somehow ended up safe one way or another. Frenchie had a bunch of other houseguests to pick from as a replacement nominee, but he chose Travis, somebody he already promised safety. It is unclear how Travis would have played if he made it past week one as he was helpless prey to Frenchie’s terrible HOH week.

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